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Mich Limson

on 22 September 2013

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Amadeo, Cavite
It offers visitors a nice spot to swim in. It has an interesting deep tub or pool that could be enjoyed by adults and a shallow portion that can be enjoyed by children. Locals have erected several huts around the waterway for visitors who would like to have picnic of sorts. The resort also has Pavilion for venue of events like birthdays, wedding, company outings and team buildings.

C. Determining Factors
Amenities and Facilities
1. Cottages
2. Pavilion
3. Rooms are available for overnight stay during summer season
4. Common Shower rooms for Males and Females

B. Market Competitiveness

"The beauty in nature"
A. Historical Background
B. Organizational principle
Goals and Objectives:

To make Balite a new eco-tourist destination by focusing on the nature , culture, accessibility and affordability of the site. And to be the first choice of visitors in the area.
1. To promote Balite by developing tourist friendly infrastructure without taking too much of the municipality budget and to use natural resources in making infrastructures.
2. To promote the Balite Falls by the aid of the social medias focusing on the natural beauty of the location, the culture of the people, the accessibility of the place and the affordability of the site.
3. To make Balite an accessible location for tourist via well maintained road, connecting trip specially for public vehicles from cities going to the area.

1. To be part of top 20 budget friendly tourist destination

2. To create an eco friendly infrastructure in harmony
with the natural beauty of the Balite Falls and to give job opportunities to localities.

3. To learn how to identify opportunities on how to transform a natural resources into a tourist destination
4. To understand the importance of culture , demographic, local government, local resources, economic capability and available promotional venues in the success of a tourism project.

1.The two waterfalls formed are the centerpiece of the resort.
2.Landscaped Garden
3.Man-made pool

Sector management
The local government and local residents of Amadeo are the one who manages the Balite Falls. They have made the place beautiful, more like a forest resort. Landscaping are all over the place. It was said that the mayor of the town had spent for the beautification of the place

1. Children 12 years old and under must be accompanied by responsible adult or
2. Drinking of alcoholic beverages beside the falls is prohibited
3. The Balite Falls management has no liability for the loss or theft of personal belongings
4. No vandalism, littering, dispose your trash properly and guests are obliged to pay for the loss or damages of the resort property caused by themselves, their friends or any person to whom they are responsible.
5. Balite Falls Management is not responsible for any damage to or loss of the vehicle or any of its accessories or article/s left therein. Guests shall be held liable for any damage caused by him/her to person/s, vehicle/s or any property within the parking area.

D. Destination Status
E. Source of Market
Potential/Target Market
• Educational Trip for students especially for environmental subjects.
• Foreigners

Existing Market
Balite's existing market are the families, company outings and the Backpackers.

Residents near the falls are also part of it's existing market
The location of Balite Falls is accessible for both private and commuters, also attractions near the destination can be a factor why tourists should visit the place, and we chose Balite Falls because of it’s natural attraction.
The market of the destination is highly competitive because of its natural attractions. The cool atmosphere is perfect for summer season.

The visitors contribute taxes and funds for sustaining the cleanliness and orderliness by paying entrance fees and
rentals for cottages.

For the locals, it offers employment to the residents especially summer.
The dry season which usually begins in November and ends in April and the rainy season which starts in May and ends in October.
Cavite's cooler periods are during December to February while summer months start from April to May.
The chart below plots the average number of days in any month that you can expect to see rain falling.
The daily average maximum temperatures is 30°C with the average minimum 24°C, while in June the average maximum is 33°C with a minimum of 26°C
• Tadpole
• Anchovies
• Common Blue tail Damselfly

• One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites
• Café Amadeo
• The Lake Hotel Tagaytay
• Taal Vista Hotel
• Wellness Spa, Tagaytay
• O’Spa

Location Map
• Souvenir Shop
• Cottages
• Rooms
• Pavilion

1. It can easily attract tourists especially foreigners because of its natural attraction.
2. the location of the falls can be their strength
3. There is man-made pool for children who can not swim in the basin

1. The facilities of the destination couldn't satisfy the visitors
2. Poor maintenance of the area
3. It is not ideal for children to swim in the main basin of the falls
4. The entrance is too expensive for a natural tourist attraction

1. Improve the facilities for the satisfaction of the customers
2. Educational trip for students can be add to their target market
3. They could improve the entrance and put some street lights along the way for the convenience of the visitors

1.Rainy season can be the threat of the destination because the water gets muddy when it rains
2. 3 minutes drive before the entrance of the Balite Falls can be a threat for visitors especially for the commuters
3. Visitors might find another tourist destination which is cheaper and safer within the place

A. Suggested/Proposed Additional new development or projects
B. Suggested/Proposed improvements on existing resources
A. Evaluation of information gathered
B. Advantages & Dis-advantages
of the area
1. It is a perfect place to unwind and every tourist could really appreciate the environment itself
2. The water that comes from the falls is crystal clear especially on summer or sunny days
2. The water gets muddy when it rains
VIII. References
Brgy. Halang, Banay-Banay

The Legend
In the beginning, the town was a barrio of Silang, the first town in Cavite, which at that time comprised one-third of the province. Situated at the midst of the town, it was called “Gitnang Pulo”. Because of of it’s fertile soil with rivers and spring, and vast forest, Gitnang PUlo became the favorite ground of hunters and kaingeros many of whom settled here.
The History
July 15, 1872, Amadeo was established as a town by Governor General Rafael de Izquierdo. From Masila, it was namedn Amadeo in honor of Prince Amadeo of Italy who became King of Spain in 1870. It was the composed of Eight Barrios, Halang, Pangil, BanaybanY, Bukal, Maitim, Minantok, Salaband and Talon. Balite Falls can be found in Brgy. Halang and Banaybanay.

Amadeo Tourism Council

Presented by:
Aizawa, Aiyumi
Amboy, Mary Grace
Genorga, Alexa Danielle
Limson, Michelle Joy
Poblete, Rachell
Ms. Reyn Valera
Rattan firewood
Coffea Arabica

Two Falls could actually be seen in the area, one of which flows naturally through deep river between mountains. Topography type is upland mountainous area
The destination is still on Involvement stage, local residents notices opportunities for income and begin to provide services such as accommodation, food, transportation for the visitors on a small scale. The destination is not yet fully developed.
How to get there:
Private via SLEX:
Travel Time:
From Lawton Take Taft Ave. then turn left to U.N. Avenue. Straight Ahead going to Quirino, then turn left to Osmena Hi-way. Drive through SLEX Take either Exit 31 Soutwoods or Exit 33 Carmona then drive through Governors Drive passing by GMA and SM Dasmarinas. Straight ahead going to Gen. Trias-Manggahan junction (McDonald’s / 7eleven), then turn left to Crisanto M. De Los Reyes Ave passing through Gateway Business Park and Amadeo boundary. You will see a green-colored route confirmation sign along the way. Balite Falls is on the right side.
From Lawton, ride an fx bound to sucat or southmall and ask the driver to drop you at the coastal mall terminal. or you can walk to park and ride 2 to ride a bus bound to coastal mall. Take a bus/jeep bound Trece/Indang (Cavite). Ask the driver conductor (konduktor) to drop you to Manggahan. Look for the Seven-Eleven store in front McDo. You will find the jeepneys that will take you to Balite, Amadeo. Ask the driver to drop you to Balite Falls. The place is well known so you will never get lost and a road signboard before reaching the place is there to tell you that you are near. Walk/Ride straight the cemented road towards Balite falls.

New development
New development
Slide for life
Free shuttle service
C. Addressing of the identified weaknesses and threats currently faced by the destination/Proposed solutions
1. The facilities of the destination
could not satisfy the visitors

2. Poor maintenance of the area
1. The management should focus on developing or improving their facilities so that visitors could enjoy and satisfy their needs or they should add more exciting activities that would satisfy the needs of the tourist.
2. Sign boards for cleanliness and orderliness may help and the management should place own trash bins for each cottages and they should hire more staffs to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of the area.
3. It is not ideal for children to swim in
the main basin of the falls

3. The management should place indications of feet level of the basin, the resort has a man made pool for children they could put sign boards so that children and adults could be aware of it. . There must be a lifeguard that would guide the swimmers. They could also offer floaters for kids but must have the guidance of their parents/guardian
4.The entrance is too expensive
for a natural attraction
4. Since the area is not yet fully developed they could lessen the price of the entrance fee, or They should improve the destination and make it worth the price.
1. Rainy season can be the
threat of the destination
because the water gets
muddy when it rains

2. 3 minutes drive before the
entrance of the Balite Falls can
be a threat for visitors
especially for the commuters

3. Visitors might find
another tourist destination
which is cheaper and safer
within the place

1. The resort could develop and offer alternatives, they could build man-made pools that the tourists could swim into, when the water from the falls are muddy.

2. They could offer shuttle services for the convenience of the commuters

3. Marketing and promotion of the resort could help them get more clients or visitors

After visiting and evaluating the place, we concluded that Balite Falls has a high potential to be one of the top eco-tourism destination here in Luzon. If good planning and proper development was given surely the resort will earn more revenue. Planning must take into consideration not only the economic and financial interests of the public and private sectors, but also the concerns of the residents of the resort and the visitors and their preferences
1. The place is not perfect for rainy seasons
3. People prefer natural resources.
3. Improper use of resources could give negative impacts on the environment
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