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“Paint Co”

No description

Soldatenko Alexey

on 23 September 2015

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Transcript of “Paint Co”

International company“Paint Co”
Stage 2
How would you market “Paint Co” in the CE region, currently secured by many small, local paint suppliers?
STage 3:
Company's first CE client
We should be ready to sell not just our product, but our philosophy, something that client cannot touch.

We should sell him an impression, that he made the most fascinating and precious deal for his business.
Preparation for meeting:
1. Search for information about client's company: what they sell, how, where, who their partners are

2. Prepare offer: who we are, what we are doing, we have to propose something that client's partners do not have (more interesting conditions, discounts, more functional products…)

3. Ask our clients to tell about their expectations about our products.

4. Explain our clients how our products can meet their expectations.

5. Acceptation of price-list (if client agrees to cooperate)

5. Signing an agreement for a test dispatch.
Stage 1:
What would be your strategy for sales growth in the CE region?
Who are our competitors at the market?
PaintCo is one of the largest paint manufacturing companies in the world, listed on New York stock exchange.
What products do they have and how do they sell them?
Working on establishing closer collaboration with distributors of our products.
Establishment of partnership with auto makers and service centers.
Their market strategy
MArket research
The two identified markets are for painted automotive mechanical parts and agricultural equipment components
Analysis by SWOT method:
strong sides
opportunities and threats for our firm. Work on threats and risks.
Analysis of target audience ( of their wishes, demands)
Distributors support
Trainings for distributors:
about sales techniques,
information about our products,
about our special discounts for specific kinds of products and so on.
Making of booklets for clients and distributors
Work with target audience

Our company creates products with clean environment in mind. Our products can by recycled and everybody (especially our clients) should be informed about that.
Our target audience should be informed about our company, products and special events organized by our company.
Case study: "Paint Co"
made by: Oleksii Soldatenko

Thank you for attention!
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