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Compare & Contrast between China & Japan

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eman mohammed

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Compare & Contrast between China & Japan

Compare & Contrast between
China & Japan

The research project depicts similarities and differences between China and Japan. Both China and Japan cultures differ in many ways for example : festivals, food, famous buildings and history. At the same time, they have some similarities like geographic location and demographics environment and natural hazards . This project would include more about each culture , how they differ and how they are similar.
Chinese have the spring festival they gather together
and its colorful
In Japan Each festival has its own characters. And they put some loud music and low music
Chinese depend on their country faith ,social class and food resource. they like frog leg and rice but they like frog leg more than rice
Japanese believe that their food is not only delicious however it satisfies both body and soul. They like rice and sushi but they love rice more .
New Year Celebration
Chinese new year celebration they like to wear their own clothes and they like the dragon when they celebrate
Japanese in their celebration they have their favorite food and they have their cards that they play with it and the kite .
Most people in china love to work in factories and maids, in government jobs
Japan like to work in translation, IT, modeling, entertainment and doctors .
Chinese historians was about dynasties he had patten the roles of china and he succeeded
Japanese lived on fishing, hunting and gathering.
The Most Famous Buildings
Great wall in China
The are 10 top most famous buildings in Japan as follow:
Fuji Terebi
Izumi Garden Tower
Domocco Building
Midtown Building
Denstu Building
Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower
Prada Building
Tokyo City Hall
Rppongi Hills

The first similarity is that they both are referenced in the map on Asia continent.
Environment and Natural Hazards
The second similarity is that both Asian countries are suffering from natural hazards such as , earthquakes and volcano that are closeness to human populations.
Another similarity would be the language. The Japanese did not have a written language at the beginning and it had it once the Japanese interacted with Chinese. The Japanese and Chinese written languages are so similar to each other.
both are sharing the same faith the same god
Although both Chinese and Japanese cultures are similar they also have multiple differences in their culture that are ignored by some people, but noticed by others, so as a conclusion people should know the differences between these two magnificent countries.
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