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Kayla Schoen

on 8 May 2015

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layout is the way the information in your presentation is organized to make it understandable.

example's of good and bad font's
Color Psychology
Other layout tips

RGB: additive colors, vibrant, used for monitors
CMYK: subtractive colors, cool tones, used for print media
what is a serif and or San serif ?
Guidelines for
Good Graphic Design

(the cool kid)

sometimes it is
good to use repetition for layout. it gives alignment
serif is wen a small line is added to the end of a stroke or letter symbol, it might look as if it was typed by a
typewriter or typesetter.
San serif is the complete opposite of serif, its just one stroke with no line at the end of the letter.
Q: why avoid over saturated colors?
A: it neutralizes other colors
Why is font so important?
Q: Think about what certain colors remind you of or make you feel, how would this affect graphic design?
Firstly, to get your point across to the person or people that you're presenting it to must be able to read it. The font is a very important part of being able to understand your text.
Q: think about who is going to read and, if you can read it will any one else be able to?
Social scientists tell us the division between warm and cool colors seems woven into the fabric of our human existence.
Cool colors, such as green or blue, generally represents freshness, youth or serenity.
Dots per inch that make up a picture
300 is the resolution for print

Red and other warm colors typically represents passion or fire in the west, but to the Chinese it signifies wealth.
the goal of your text is to be read unless you are making art of some kind theirs no need to make the font colorful, also color isn't bad but making the font a rainbow will make it heard to read
Color Schemes
Complementary Colors
Using a basic color wheel, you can find complementary colors. They make each other pop instead of making them less vibrant.
On Palleton, you are given a range of hues and tints based on your original color. This is a Monochromatic color scheme.
Adjacent Colors
Adjacent colors are three colors that touch each other on the color wheel and generally do well together.
Using Base Color to Find others
also it is
good to
keep your
text and
When trying to make a better
layout,grid alignment is another
good tool. Using grid for more
complicated layouts are suggested.
serif fonts are
easier to read
San serif font are
better for web
Chloe Bonds
Tyler Jacob
Kayla Schoen
Guillem Arbos
The rule of thirds are also very important
advertising. remember to put the most
important on the top and bottom of the
advertisement, and the less important
information in the middle.
the "z" layout is when you
put the elements of your
advertisement in the shape
of a "z". The elements are
put in an order of the persons
natural eye flow.
graphics should fit in with the purpose, organization, and style of the page.
Different file formats and how
Raster images- JEGs, GiFs and PNGs are best used in web design as they loose quality as you increase size.

Vector Images-EPS, Al and PDF are best used in print design as they cab be re-sized with our losing quality
effective/non-effective use of graphics
To become a graphic designer, you must earn a bachelor's degree or higher and have a strong portfolio.
Careers in Multi-Media Design
Copyright Law
Jobs in multi-media design include book illustrations, animations, logo creation, and various projects that involve editing or artistic skill.
Photoshop falls under stylized image development to edit graphics, Adobe Acrobat allows creation of PDF files, and Adobe Contribute can edit the contents of a website.
General Guidelines
Use color sparingly, overuse detracts from the colors' benefits.
Avoid over saturated colors, they can neutralize colors in adjacent areas.
when using text in graphics, make sure there is sufficient.
Remember that you can only use other
company's copy written items if it helps their
company, or if it's not profiting your own.
esa guapa
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