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Don't Look Back

Book Report on the book Don't Look Back by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Character Analysis, Setting, Plot, Theme and Evaluation

Emma Kellgren

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Don't Look Back

How does the main character feel about the other characters in the story?
Character Analysis
Character Analysis (cont.)
Who does the main character remind you of and why?
Character Analysis (cont.)
If the main character had not walked away from her friend group, how might the story be different?
Book By: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Book Talk By: Emma Kellgren

Book Talk - Don't Look Back
The main character, Samantha, feels a lot of confusion towards other characters, even her own parents, and her brother Scott, after she loses her memory. She also turns out to be friends with Carson Ortiz, who she used to hate before her accident. She is especially confused at the beginning, where she can't remember anything. This is shown on page 13, when she says, "I want to remember - really, I do. But I ... I don't remember." and when it says, "I had a brother?" on the same page. This shows that she is confused towards her family members when they talk about very simple things.
In what ways has the main character changed from the beginning of the book to the end?
Samantha changed in many ways. First, she became a better person after her accident, as she was much more considerate. She also learned a lot about what she liked and how different she was from who she was before the accident. This is shown on page 26, when her brother Scott says, "You were a terror... this is an improvement."
This could've caused Samantha to shift back into her old self, and be rude once more. It could've also affected her family relationships, because of her attitude. This is shown on page 164, when it says, "I felt free - free of having to fit in with people I couldn't relate to anymore."
If you could change one thing about the main character, what would it be and why?
If I could change one thing about Samantha, it would probably be patience, because she is impatient and gets angry when things don't happen as she wants them to, which can be irritable. This is shown on page 79, when it says, "Anger and embarrassment warred up inside me."
Samantha reminds me of Reese Witherspoon in the movie "50 First Dates" because she suffers from the same memory loss as Samantha does.
How does the personality of a character in the book contribute to his or her success or failure?
The personality of Del, her boyfriend, contributes to his failure because he lies and takes advantage of the fact that she couldn't remember anything. This is shown on page 228, when it says, "Lies and my suspicions aside."
Choose lines and say how they describe your character.
The quote I chose was on page 23, when it says, " I was... shaky and disoriented." I chose this because it describes her life after the accident, and how none of her memories seem to make sense. This also captures the sense of pressure she feels to remember.
Where and when does this book take place?
This book takes place in the present, and in Adams county, which is shown on page 4, when it says, "Elegantly scrawled along the black-and-gray side of the cruiser were the words
Adams County Sheriff's Department
." I inferred that it was in the present because of the following quote, "It's 2014, March."
Describe the mood of the story.
The mood is somber and confused, and quite dramatic, as the is disoriented and doesn't know anything. Some quotes that would prove this would be, "I remembered the last thing I said to her.
If we don't kill each other before then
." and "I blinked, and the vision, the sounds faded away."
Samantha has a horrible accident, as she falls over the edge of cliff. She wakes up to discover that her memory is gone, and that her friend Cassie came with her the night of the accident. Cassie is proclaimed missing, and Sam feels the pressure to remember what happened that night. She turns into a completely different person after the accident, and soon has memories flashing through her head. What really happened that night is beyond guessing, and the source of the terror is someone she never would've guessed.
The conflict in this book is an internal conflict, with Sam and her mind. She feels so pressured to remember that night that she starts going crazy.
Plot (cont.)
What are the effects of the conflict on the character?
It causes her to start writing herself threats, and she gets really stressed out and nervous about the possibilities of that night. She eventually starts to go crazy because of all of the weight on her shoulders.
Make a connection.
I can connect this book to the book "Undercurrent" because it also involves someone going over a cliff, and they both suffer from resulting from falling in.
I believe the theme of this book would be to never give up, because even through the tough times, Sam never gave up. She retained her hope and finally figured out the mystery that became her life. A quote to support this would be on page 364, "'It's okay. Everything is okay.' And it would be. Eventually." This shows that she was eventually okay with what happened, because of her perseverance.
I would rate this book a 5/5. It was very captivating, and the end was very unpredictable. It also had lots of action, which I like. I also enjoyed how different this was from other books I've read.
One new word I learned was the word, 'cherub'. The word cherub means "a beautiful or innocent-looking child" in the context.
One open-ended question I have would be
"Can the author relate to any of the experiences that she wrote about?"
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