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Bite of the Mango

No description

Gillian Ross

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Bite of the Mango

Written by Susan McClelland with the help of Mariatu
Kamara Mariatu Kamara Mariatu Kamara The End! Bite of the Mango Susan McClelland Susan Elizabeth McClelland was born in Toronto, and it wasn't until a high school world issues class that she got into journalism. Until then she always loved and excelled in math and science. She went on to get her first job at Maclean's, Canada's weekly news magazine. In 2005, Susan became a full time freelance writer. Susan can write about anything easily, but it is the topics of human rights and environmental issues that captivate her and gain her biggest interest. Stories such as Mariatu's would be considered one of her biggest accomplishments in writing. Mariatu Karama is the main character in the book Bite of the Mango. She lived in a small village called Magborou located in Serria Leone, Africa. Mariatu is victim to Rebel attacks that occur on her village and this leads to her hands being cut off. Today she now lives in Canada. Plot Mariatu, a young 12 year old girl who lived in a small village called Magborou located in Sierra Leone, Africa. Her life was going as planned until great tragedy came upon her and everyone in her village. They attempted to flee, but their last endeavour proved futile. Mariatu and the rest of her village were attacked by the well known Rebels (an army that went from village to village killing and cutting peoples arms off, only to get their own selfish message across). She was a victim that was left last and tortured until her arms were cut off, and was finally set free. As Mariatu walked and stumbled across the land and managed to make her way to Freetown When regaining her health, she soon found out she was pregnant from a recent case of rape. Her baby took her on a long journey of heartbreak and sorrow, but left her with a feeling of empowerment, courage, and the strength to move on and do something good with her life. Mariatu took this strength and shortly found herself living a new life in Canada. Themes and Book Title The ability to recover after a tragic situation lies within the individual.
Even amongst the most hardest and trying times there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The reason why the book is titled Bite of the Mango is because in the story after her hands were cut off she manage to stumble across a man. He than handed her a mango for her to take a bite and that is what causes her to press on and gives her new hope that she will live. Traditional Sierra Leone Wedding The Mboya A boy's family can choose his future wife from his childhood. However the girl can refuse marriage when she is of age (to the young man that is... not necessarily to marriage altogether). If the girl goes through the marriage without her consent that is when the groom to be must pay the bride price known as the Mboya. The Mboya includes palm oil, salt, rice and fabric for making clothes. Amacubi A married woman always wore some form of head covering which shows sign of respect for her husband. These range from simple beaded headband or to a knitted cap to an elaborate beaded headdresses (amacubi) . Tying the Knot In some African wedding traditions, the bride and groom have their wrists tied together with cloth or braided grass to represent their marriage. Today’s modern couples may choose to have the officiant or a close friend tie their wrists together. Temne Traditions
As was tradition, he presented the bride with household things in a calabash or gourd. They were needles and thread, candies, and a copy of the Quaran. The exchange of goods makes the marriage official. The woman's rights are now transferred to her husband, who will make all decisions for her. She is only expected to perform domestic tasks and to bear children. Bondo Secret Society Bondo Secret Society is a vital element to Sierra Leone's traditions especially for women. It is the right of passage from childhood to adult life for all women. If not initiated into this society the woman would most likely be discriminated. During this period, girls learn how to take care of their households, children and how to sew. Women in must be imitated to this society if not they can't marry. To be part of this society women must go through genital cutting.
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