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Awesomely Outfitted

Entrepreneur Simulation Report

Ethan Lane

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Awesomely Outfitted

Awesomely Outfitted Company Analysis Target Market young adults fashion conscious Image hip awesome involved Competition Phoenician Phashion Derelicte Target Market high school/college age demographic radio, tv, newspaper charities and fundraisers Product, Pricing, and Promotion Trendy, Mid-range $1500-$4000...$3400 Mid-range Pants @ 40 tops @ 29 $31 $21 Distribution Almost Just-in-time inventory Profitability & Marketshare $26,5 vs $16,9 $28,989 15% Marketshare Critical Decisions Sponsoring Community Functions Expansion Dividends Marketing Pricing Special Decisions Q9 - 15.4% Ended @ 14.96% - 3rd overall Q8 - Ran out of tops Inventory Management Q8 - $5K increased revenue Management Transition Consistency Ethics Community
involvement Reflection Manage Inventory Consistent Dividends Don't go crazy suddenly Manage Cash 3rd Overall Cum. Rev. = $2.4M Cum. Profit = $305K Stock = $105.81 By:
Andrew Gibson
Anna Bussert
Ethan Lane
JD Beatty
Tyler Huish Questions?
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