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Novel Study

No description

Abeer Mumtaz

on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of Novel Study

In this image above the Taliban are posing in front of a sign in arabic. This sign is almost the exact same as the Saudi Arabian flag. It says 'La Ilaha Illallah Muhammadur Rasool Allah.' In English it means 'There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad (SAW) is his messenger.'
It's funny how the Taliban are posing in front of this sign, when it clearly states in the Qur'an that education is for everyone, women and men alike. (Also stated in "My Name Is Parvana")
If they are in front of this sign, they probably know what it means, and it looks as if they are the same religion.
If they know about Islam, you are not allowed to kill people for no reason, as there will probably be a further consequence.
From all four of these books, I can make a text-to-world connection from what recently happened in Peshawar in Pakistan. 132 school children that were attending Army Public School were killed. Many others at the school were injured. Three soldiers, and 10 staff members were also killed in this attack. All of this is similar to in these books where school children especially girls are not allowed to go to school.
Text-To-World Connection
The Moral or The Underlying Message
The underlying message that I thought that the author was trying to convey is about how girls in other countries don't have the privilege to go to school like us, as well as some boys. Deborah Ellis is trying to make us understand that we shouldn't take things such as our education, and the food we eat for granted. We should appreciate whatever have, and also give to the poor.
The Breadwinner Series
Author - Deborah Ellis
Genre - Realistic Fiction, Drama
The Breadwinner series consists of four books that you MUST read! Once you start reading any one of these books by Deborah Ellis you'll never want to drop it! The first book is "The Breadwinner," the second one is "Parvana's Journey," then "Mud City," and the final book is "My Name Is Parvana."
Books By : Deborah Ellis
The Breadwinner, Parvana's Journey, Mud City & My Name Is Parvana
Parvana's Journey Summary
Parvana is traveling in through Afghanistan by herself, and along the way she finds a baby under the rubble of a bombed village. She also finds an annoying boy probably a few years younger than her in a cave. Later on another girl named Leila finds her.
Parvana's best friend, Shauzia is trying to get away from the bombed cities of Afghanistan and Pakistan and her arguing family.She decides that she is going to travel all across the world to get to the lavender fields in France.
Mud City Summary
The Breadwinner is a book about a girl named Parvana, her family and her life living in a poor, bombed country of Afghanistan. She is about 11 years old in this book. Her father has a broken leg after the Taliban bombed the school that he taught at. He is arrested by the Taliban for being educated in England.
The Breadwinner Summary
My Name Is Parvana Summary
Parvana and her new family have took the time, and courage to create a school for girls in the Afghan Community. About a year later signs are put up, telling the village that the school for girls is dangerous, and soon there were students leaving the school.
Presentation By : Abeer - 8B
The Breadwinner
This book mostly took place in a city called Kabul in Afghanistan. The book describes this city as it being bombed and surrounded by only dust, rubble, and mud walls. The author, or the main character in the book (Parvana) describes the city of Kabul as being destroyed, torn up, and taken over by the Taliban. Now... the main character's older sister (Nooria) and parents say that Afghanistan, mainly Kabul wasn't always like this. They claim that before the Taliban had taken over, Kabul had proper walls and it had full roads, schools, and flowers planted here and there. This book specifically takes place during September 1996, when the Taliban militia took control of Afghanistan's capital, Kabul.
Characters in The Breadwinner
The main character in this book is Parvana. Parvana's family was also part of most of the scenes in this book. As I've already told you before in this presentation, the book took place in Kabul in Afghanistan, and Parvana's father gets arrested by the Taliban. Now Parvana is trying to be useful to her family, and is trying to act like a boy by cutting her hair, and wearing boy clothes so that she can get out of the house to work. The Taliban have commanded all women to stay in their houses.
In this book, Parvana is the protagonist, because she was helping her family stay alive and survive the pain of not having her dad in the house anymore. She was like the hero in this book.
The Taliban in this book were the antagonists, because the Taliban were the people who were against the women leaving their houses, and against the girls going to school. They beat people who did not listen to them up.
This book mostly takes place near a village in Afghanistan or Pakistan at a school for girls, a refugee camp for women, and at a prison. It is a continuation of the third book. For the first few chapters this book might be a little confusing, because it always switches between two settings which are the school, and the prison, but at the end, it makes sense as the two settings combine.
My Name Is Parvana
Will Parvana be able to help her family and herself survive in the wrecked country? Will she be able to do this as a girl, and without her dad's help?
With this new family surrounding her, will she ever be able to find the rest of her loved ones?
Will she make it all the way through this exciting journey?
The school was later bombed, and Parvana was caught at the school and put into prison. Will she
be able to get out?
Mud City
This book takes place in Pakistan, when Shauzia is continuously traveling and also earning money to get to the ocean, so that she can pay to cross the border. This book takes place about a few years after the Taliban had already attacked Afghanistan in 1978.

This book, as mentioned in the title of the book takes place in many villages, while the main character (Parvana) is traveling on a journey to find the rest of her family. This book is a continuous version of the first book, so it takes place a while after the Taliban first took over Afghanistan.
Parvana's Journey
Characters in The Breadwinner Series
Parvana - Main Character
Shauzia - Main Character
Jasper(Shauzia's Dog) - Perhaps Secondary
Mrs.Weera - Secondary Charcter
Parvana's Mom(Fatana) - Main Character
Parvana's Dad(Nasrullah) - Main Character
Parvana's Older Sister(Nooria) - Secondary
Parvana's Younger Sister(Maryam) - Main Character
Parvana's Younger Brother(Ali) - Secondary Character
The Taliban - Main Character
Asif - Main Character
Leila - Main Character
Tom and Barbra - Main Characters
American Army - Main Characters
The main character in this book is Parvana along with Asif, Hassan and Leila. Parvana is on a journey to find her family. The children help keep each other alive in this book, and also help keep the baby (Hassan) alive.
In this book, the four children are all the protagonists, because she was helping each other stay alive and surviving with so little food. They together tried not to fight over it, and to share all the resources that they had, and the new ones that they had found.
The Taliban were the antagonists again, because as the children were on the journey, they were trying to hide from the Taliban.
Characters in Parvana's Journey
Characters In Mud City
Characters In My Name Is Parvana
The main character in this book is Parvana along with the rest of her family, and school girls. In this book, the characters that worked and went to the school were all protagonists, and the American Army, and the Taliban were the antagonists. It was mostly Parvana's family who were all the Protagonists.
This is because, Parvana's family were the ones who had a heart for all the girls inside their community. They were the ones that took their money and time, at their own risk, and built that school for all the little girls.
The Taliban and the Army are the protagonists, because, they are the ones in the first place who were always against the women getting out of the house, women going to work, girls going to school,etc.
In this book, the main character is Shauzia. She is traveling through Peshawar, Pakistan with her dog named Jasper. Each day she is earning enough money to pay for her own food, and saving money so that she can leave Pakistan and travel all the way to the Lavender Fields in France. (She has already made her way through Afghanistan.)
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