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How are teens influenced by consumerism?

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Briahna Martin

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of How are teens influenced by consumerism?

In the article, “Life at Home in the Twenty First Century,” it states, “TV advertising expenditures exceeded $50 billion.”
Social Media
Another key point, is teens are influenced by social media.
In the short story,"Earth a Gift Shop" by Charles Yu, it says, "...among the travel agencies that Earth: The Theme Park and Gift Shop was not so fun and actually quite dangerous, so we really had no choice but to drop the theme park part and that is how we became Earth: The Gift Shop."
This is why we have so many teenage consumers.
Teens are influenced by advertisements,social media,and billboards.
How are teens influenced by consumerism?

By: Briahna Martin, Layla Pierce, and Julia Annunziato
Consumerism influences teens greatly. They buy things they don't need.
By doing so they use up all our resources. Are you one of these people?
What is consumerism?
Consumerism is the protection or or promotion of the interests of consumers.
Basically, consumerism is the theory that an increasing consumption of goods is economically beneficial.
In the article,"The Instagram Effect", it says,"...Erin Wilson bought a swimsuit because she kept seeing it over and over again ..."
This happens everyday to teens.
Finally, teenagers are influenced by billboards.
In the same article it says,"... all anyone ever wanted anyway. To get a souvenir to take home.
This shows that all teens ever wanted was to get a souvenir.
"The Instagram Effect" (Internet)
"Earth: a Gift Shop" by: Charles Yu
Ok, I know the world is a very expensive place, and it’s becoming a very large problem for teenagers.
Advertising is a very big problem for teens and its resulting in money for companies. Soon there will be so many ads, teenagers {and the parents} will go broke!
Due to social media, TV advertisements, and billboards.
These influences have a negative impact on our everyday lives. No wonder teens buy so much.
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