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through goldman sachs

Su-jeong Yoo

on 6 December 2011

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Transcript of Team

I What is Goldman Sachs? Training Interview with Intern of Goldman Sachs Important
Details (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr Team member communication understanding together help Diversity opinion harmony agreement 1+1=2? + =? Why Goldman Sachs?
No.1 Global Investment Banking hierarchy The most talented company in the world
at Fortune For company,
We aim for best. To be the top company, we need to best talented, and best talented are discovered through a wide talented pool. The talented who is recruited by our firm are discovered through diverse elements including gender, race, nation, religion, culture,and physical ability.

For our people,
We aim for teamwork culture. It is essential for all team member to accept difference, feel working in embracing culture encouraging multiple opinion. Our employee have a right that their life and experience are respected by their team and company. Also they have a right that they expect to business environment that all values are respected.

For our customer,
We always consider comprehension of customer first. We need to serve solution for
creative idea and effective operation in complex world economic environment. So we have to prepare perfect competence to counteract diverse culture. Through previous experience, we know that we can satisfy our customer needs through our employee's competence, insight and opinion. Trading and Principal Investments, Asset Management and Securities Services Headquartered in New York and Maintains Offices around the World Goldman Sachs's Vision Who is the Spy? Strength of Goldman Sachs Spy Su-jeong Code Name: x
Finding out
How GS recruit people technique? Rich financing? Spy Dahee Emphasizes teamwork from recruitment stage Code Name: y
Finding out
GS' Culture is 'TeamWork' Culture Diversity 2010100231 Su-jeong Yoo
2008103627 Woong-jae Na
2010100252 Na-Inn Lee
2010100238 Da-Hee Yun
2008100125 Suk-Hun Kim
2007100129 Min-Kyu Kim
2008102189 WangZengke
Free to Speak WE Diversity Awareness Week Key Client Programs Diversity Dialogues and
Master classes “It is a teamwork, key of GS’ success“

– Lisa Endlich
Aaron Marcus said
“We emphasize teamwork
from recruitment stage.”
Provides firmwide, regional and divisional
events to promote dialogue and awareness
around diversity in the workplace. are small group training sessions
led by the firm's senior leaders to
encourage frank and open discussion
on the subject of diversity. allow us to demonstrate how critical diversity
is to our core values and business strategy. Why Goldman Sachs's employees
saw the movie 'SsangHwaJum'? This is the story of
man's Love Conclusion Teamwork is secret of success
Emphasizes teamwork from recruitment stage
Through training, teamwork can be improved
All works are done by team, and it became the
unique culture of company. Mission Complete History and Heritage Month
Programs and Events play an important role in fostering
an inclusive business climate,
by recognizing the many achievments and
contributions of diverse professionals. Because GS's employees consist of diverse people There is diversity respect
factor in promotion “at Goldman Sacks, we never say 'I,'
we always say 'we.'”

- John Whitehead WE TEAM? fight trouble sports slow decisioning free rider anarchy Leader free to speak free to disagree decision-making groups for minorities Alumni Reunion patience test
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