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Conjunctions :)

Magali Herrera, Anahi Lopez, Katelyn Greere

Magali Herrera

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Conjunctions :)

By: Anahi Lopez, Magali Herrera, Katelyn Greere
* Subordinating Conjunction=
Connects 1 independent & 1 dependent clause.
* Correlative Conjunction=
Combines with other words joining various sentences


Conjunctions combine two independent clauses to form one compound sentence.
* Coordinating Conjunction=
Connects words, phrases, and clauses.
* Independent Clause=
A complete sentence that has both a subject and a verb.
* Dependent Clause=
A incomplete sentence missing the subject or verb.
Examples of Sentences with Conjunctions, Semicolons, and Dashes
Types of Conjunctions:
* Coordinating Conjunction
= Connects 2 independent clauses
.(With a comma & fan boy or uses an AAAWWUBBIS)
* Subordinating Conjunction
= Connects 1 independent clause & 1 dependent clause.
(May use a comma)
* Correlative Conjunction=
Combines with other words joining various sentences.
(Element that should be treated as grammatically equal)
Conjunction Junction Song
Semicolon ;
Its used to connect
sentences together.
Dash -

Its used when the 2Nd clause
is sort of a reversal of the
first clause.

"Lets bring it all together" Grammaropolis
1. Define a Conjunction?
2. What are the three main types of conjunctions?
3. What does AAAWWUBBIS stand for?
4. What type of conjunction are you using when you use the word "Fan boys?"
5. Do you think all these questions were Retorical?
!!!Be HONEST!!!
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