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The Natural Hair Movement

No description

Sabrina Spencer

on 19 October 2014

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Transcript of The Natural Hair Movement

Natural Hair: Fad, Trend or Movement?
Creation and Importance

Why was this created in the first place?
African American people from thee 60s and 70s used this to show black pride in hope of changing racial stereotypes.
Natural Hair in the Information Age
Nowadays, naturalistas utilize every media platform available.
Hair Hierarchy
Fight the Power

The kinks of Natural hair
Sabrina Spencer Presents:
October 20, 2014
Library Science & Tech
Big 6 Research Skills
Block 4

Why is this important?

This turned Afro-Textured hair into a symbol of pride.
The Black Power Movement
often refers to something stylish.
is a "temporary" fashion, notion, or manner of conduct followed enthusiastically by a group.
involves the actions of a larger group that focuses on political or social issues.
Essentially this all boils down to the whole "good" hair "bad" hair argument.
Impact on the Younger Generation
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To be "natural" means to embrace the natural color, style, and texture of one's hair.
Groups mainly encourages:
Women and girls all around the world.
...to be what?!
to be proud of their heritage, build their self esteem, and change beauty standards.
So, What does it mean to be "natural'?
Black Power Movement was a force aiming to change the black community’s view of itself and the power it held in the world. One of the movement’s prime targets was the practice of straightening black hair.
Economic Impact
meet ups
and of course....

Natural hair is becoming more mainstream, understood, and accepted. The natural hair movement is infiltrating not only dinnertime conversations, but the beauty, fashion, entertainment and publishing industries, politics, advertising and even corporate America.
Slumping sales of hair relaxers among African-American women tell the story: More women are opting to forgo chemicals and go natural
The natural hair movement is here to stay, and we dare you to call it anything … but … beautiful.
1. Hair Length
2. Years hair has been left in its natural state
3. Curls: Loose or Tight
4. Dyed or not
Schools now adopt programs that instill a level tolerance and cultural understanding in school programs.
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