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Animal Poetry by emma bonham

No description

Emma Bonham

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of Animal Poetry by emma bonham

Animal Poetry By Emma Bonham Haiku Free Verse By Emma Bonham Five long, sticky arms
Resting on a mossy rock
Underwater home Messy, pink creature
Rolling in the thick, moist mud
Squealing for slop Name Poem Timid
Underneath it's
Reptile shell
Too shy to
Leave it's
Exceptional home An dog's mind is confusing
Like a maze with no exit
From one point of view they are sweet
The other side...... not so much
They will roll in the grass as it dances in the wind
And they are beasts , stomping on the ants wallpapersphere.com Limerick My feathers shine bright
Both day and night
All the creatures
Have a special feature
But mine are my colorful feathers so bright Swinging from tree to tree
I count one, two, three
Playing hide and seek with my monkey friends
From when the sunrises to when the day ends
One, two, three........... Dailymail.co.uk sidestreetstudio.com Popartmachine.com kemarseducatedyouth.blogspot.com Phrase Poem Flapping its wings
Jumps out of the nest
Struggling to fly
Falls but regains its hight
Now floating above the trees masterfile.com puppypowered.com
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