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RCI Referral Program

Owners can easily share the Disney Magic

Michele Pires

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of RCI Referral Program

RCI Referral Program
powered by saveonresorts.com
What can we do for you?
Develop an exciting and rewarding owner referral program:
1. Owner refers friends and family members
2. Referrals book Disney Vacation Packages
3. Owner receives Disney Tokens redeemable for Disney products.

Referral Logs In
Referral Books Package
and takes a quick survey
Referral Attends Open House & Purchases DVC Membership
Member Earns Disney Tokens
Everybody Wins
Referral Wins
Member Wins
Disney Wins
Booking Option 3:
open-ended dates
Booking Option 2:
a customized package
Booking Option 1:
a pre-designed package
1. Select a package
2. Select dates
and tracks referral activity every step of the way...
How is the member rewarded?
with the NEW Disney Dashboard, Disney can easily...
Members Aren't The Only Ones With Tracking Capabilities
Track Referral Activity
Track Reservations
Track Reservations
Then, Member Goes Shopping...
Activities and Excursions
Other Spending Ideas...
Annual Dues
On Board Credits for Disney Cruises
Disney Stock Options
Select a package now and choose dates later...
Who are we?
SaveOnResorts.com is committed to creating custom built platforms to:
Enhance the member experience
Reward consumers on referrals and brand loyalty
Develop the perfect online solutions to client business needs
Introducing The RCI Referral Program...
The Referral Offer
Members aren't the only ones with tracking capabilities...
With the NEW Disney Dashboard, so can Disney and RCI!
Manage Resort Pricing & Availability
Member Refers Friend
Referral Books Package
Member is Rewarded
Referral Searches For
Their Vacation Getaway
PLUS, they can select between three booking options...
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