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Hoang Nguyen

on 1 November 2014

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Transcript of PDC

History and Milestones
The Founders
Phi Delta Chi
Our fraternity was the first professional fraternity of pharmacy founded by pharmacy students
Phi Chi?

November 2, 1883
11 men at the University of Michigan formed our Fraternity using the name Phi Chi. This chapter is now known as the
Alpha chapter.

The History of Phi Delta Chi
There were several literary societies at Michigan, but our founders believed something should be organized exclusively for the College of Pharmacy
Four years after the establishment, the society adopted a ritual, symbols, signs, and regalia


The second chapter was formed at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. This became the
Beta chapter.


The third chapter was formed at New York College of Pharmacy (Columbia University). This became the
Gamma chapter.

April 12, 1907
Nu Chapter
1st instillation
Since our founding in 1883,
Phi Delta Chi
has chartered over 86 collegiate chapters and has initiated more than 50,000 men and women into the brotherhood

Centennial Celebrations
Culminated with the dedication of a plaque at the university of Michigan School of Pharmacy commemorating Phi Delta Chi’s first 10 years of accomplishments and the fraternity’s commitment to the future.

Title 4
Only 2 new chapters chartered
due to Title 4 requirement to admit women.
Efforts by fraternity leaders to dissuade the U.S. Congress from applying Title 4 to professional fraternities failed in
summer 1976
Iota chapter initiated six women in
November 1976

Leadership Development Seminar
First one was at the 57th Grand Council (Monteray)
Original name:
Phi Chi
(Pharmacy and Chemistry)
At the second meeting of the Society - motion was made to change the name to Phi Delta Chi
and the motion was denied.
Two medical fraternities merged in the 20th century and was also named Phi Chi.
Name change:
Phi Delta Chi
By 1909, the fraternity had grown to 14 chapters
met at Grand Council at Chicago in March 1909. To avoid conflict, the name change was again proposed to Phi delta Chi. The name change took effect
March 1, 1910

1. Charles Edward Bond
2. Franklin Herbert Frazee

3. Llewellyn Hall Gardner
4. Calvin Pomeroy Godfrey

5. Adolph Gustave Hoffman
6. Arthur Gilliam Hopper

7. Charles F. Hueber
8. George Pawling Leamon

9. Arthur Sidney Rogers
10. Azor Thurston
11. Albert Tenney Waggoner

Albert Benjamin Prescott
Dean of the College of Pharmacy at Michigan encouraged the 11 founders to form our fraternity
First honorary Brother and group’s sponsor
Dean Prescott’s name is associated with the highest and finest traditions and awards of the fraternity throughout the years
Acclaimed world-wide as an innovator in pharmaceutical education
Served as president of the American Pharmaceutical Association in 1900

"The object of this association shall be to advance the science of pharmacy and its allied interests and to foster and promote a fraternal spirit among its members."

"A man should first direct himself in the way he should go; only then should he instruct others." -Buddha
The Communicator
The official publication was first published in 1889.
It originally started as a chapter publication at the Alpha Chapter.
The Communicator
became national around 1906.
Right before World War II, it was cut in size and published as
The Communicator Junior

Today, The Communicator is published several times a year, with supplements taking advantage of evolving electronic technology (
The E-Communicator

Phi Delta Chi originally accepted for membership men in the fields of pharmacy and chemistry (including majors of chemistry or chemical engineering).
During the Great Depression of 1928-1933:
difficulties arose as the fraternity tried to serve two professions.
Membership requirements were changed to include only persons majoring in the field of pharmacy.

Fraternity Gatherings
Grand Council
is rotated through every region of the nation.There have been 69 councils to date.
Regional Conferences
supplement the national gatherings

Happy Founder's Day!
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