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Cold Feet

No description

alba claudia

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Cold Feet

Rymer is the protagonist, he investigates the crime. He is very intelligent and observer. Follow fine all tracks from the beginning. Eliot is the best friend of Rymer.They always are together in the history.ask them for an advice when they have to do something that they don´t feel very safe.
In the end all murder is a big lie to everyone surprise, including Rymer, in charge of investigating the case
The images

Personal opinion
I don´t mind the mistery books but I liked this.No details of the "crime" are known to last page. Rhymer is not the typical character of mystery books , not predictable genius or a advice , is a real character and I liked it.The book was difficult to read because we did not understand most of vocabulary.
Rod Smith
Rod Smith is the writter of `` Cold Feet´´. He´s writer,teacher and musician.He writes novels and stories for people of all ages.He also writes music from films and television programmes.Rod was born in Oxford but he now lives in Paraguay with his wife and young son.
Cold Feet
The mistery star when a cadaver without shoes on the American Consulate.
The next picture is it is because the crimes were part of a theater.
Rymer´s job is investigated one crime in the city of Rosca.The body isn´t wear any shoes
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