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Deep web

No description

Itzel De León

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Deep web

Be informed.
Deep web
First part , the top: Here you find social networking like: Facebook , Youtube , twitter , and blogs.
Most mild which may be mentioned, is vampirism, strange fetishes, Satanism, and harsh and uncertain information
It is a very shallow part of the deep web
Other topics more in the background, is the trafficking, drug trafficking, drug trafficking, spies, hired murderers, and child pornography.
It uses a special coin. "Bing Coin"
A parallel to the internet we all know, a place where there are no laws, where there are no restrictions and where each user can put your information lowest, vile or despicable that this world is.
There is useful information, but there are all kinds of sick, degrading and outrageous things. Here you can find content from activists, hidden documents to the public, government data, NASA photos etc. .. Things look to be isolated from the real world, scabrous information never find elsewhere
And to the bottom. deep down, there are issues and FBI documents "The all-seeing eye" (Illuminati) On Governments, and attacks.
Deep Web
The invisible web
The internet...
The internet is a vast world of information, which often need to navigate carefully.
It has almost everything, sometimes even unimaginable things.
Sometimes in abuse this tool, which is the internet, you can find issues with morbid, nasty, sad, or stunning end, everyone in this vast world. A double-edged sword.
They call it the "invisible side of the web" "The bottom of the internet" "Hell Network".

The deep web contains 80% of the total information on the Internet.
Classified, what browsers like Google, bing, and yahoo can not show information.
It is unknown the entire network, in it there are hackers and crackers sharing security systems. Be very careful because they can track your IP, know where you are and what your steps are tracking gadgets. All information about you.
It is not advisable to enter, you can pervert, depress even be scarred for life.
This is done by a culture of information.
Everyone has access
On the shores of what you can find on the surface, is the buying and selling of items (eBay ) Mercado libre, and downloads. Sometimes virus-laden "harmless"

You need to have extensive knowledge of computers to enter , if you are looking for something in particular, have the code ready , Google does not exist here .
Codes are handled by large , slow and search engines, but efficient , some pages in the " Surface" you all can provide , but have been known cases, which are traps crawlers IP
IP blockers are needed, not to be tracked, antivirus, and if it has a webcam, cover. It is likely that the hacker can change without your consent
So you have to take care of the internet world.
Despite being a good tool, has its flaws, the internet is a tool that should be used wisely, and for the proper use and to make a profit.
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