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Habit 3 and 4

No description

Justine Burt

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Habit 3 and 4

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com The Four Time Quadrants 1- The Procrastinator
Put everything off until the last minute

-Wait to study till the exam is the next day
-Late for School
-Project is Due Today Big Rocks and Little Rocks Big Rocks are the important things in your life.
-Studying for a test
-Finish Reading a book
-Sports Game
- Tryouts
Little Rocks are what come after big rocks.
-Hanging out with friends
-Watching the new t.v show
-Going to the mall Comfort zone-
Things you do everyday and things you enjoy doing
- Hanging out with friends
- Going to the spa
- Going to School
- Going to Sports Practice

Courage Zone-
Everything that is out of your comfort zone
- Making new friends
- Speaking infront of others
- Things you've never tried Comfort and Courage Zones Review Quiz...
What is habit 3?
What is quadrant 1?
What is one thing a slacker does?
What is one thing in your comfort zone?
Courage Zone?
What is habit 4?
What is an example of win- lose?
What is an example of win-win? Does anyone remember what putting first things first means? Habit 3 Put First Things First Doing what is important before free time 2- The Prioritizer
They get things done ahead of time
and have their priorities straight...
-Sets Goals
-Gets the Essay done a week before due
-Relaxation Has anyone ever been a procrastinator? What is one thing a prioritizer does? 3- The Yes Man
Says yes to everything and everyone

Mom asks will you do your homework
Friend asks you to hang out
Dad asks you to rake the lawn
Sister asks you to give the dog a bath
Teacher asks you to read Chapter 4 4- The Slacker
They don't do anything important at all
-Too much T.V
-Endless phone calls
-Video Games
-Mall marathons
-Time wasters Has anyone ever been a slacker? Habit 4 - Think Win-Win Life is an all you can eat buffet. Win-Win
-Everyone Wins
-Its thinking about others and
-All you can eat Buffet Win-Lose
- One person wins and
the other person loses.
-Totem Pole
Win-lose is like a totem pole the person on the top thinks they are "all that", the person under them thinks they are better then the person under them and the person on the bottom thinks, "I suck". Lose-Win
-Lose-Win is weak.
-Having low expectations in yourself.
Thinking lose-win- you are a doormat, you are essentially saying, have your way with me, wipe your feet on me, everyone else does. Lose-Lose
-Everyone loses
-The Downward Spiral
"If I'm going down, Your going down with me."
-This normally happens when two win-lose people get together. If you both want to win at all costs then your both going to lose. Competing and Comparing
- You will never get to a win-win solution.

-Comparing Everyones different so why compare yourself to others?

-A little competition is good, but too much can end up in win-lose or lose-win. Has anyone ever been in a win-win situation? Has anyone had a Lose-Win situation? Has anyone had a win-lose situation? Has anyone had a lose-lose situation? What is an example of competition? What is one big rock and one little rock in your plan this week? What is one activity in your comfort zone? What is one activity in your courage zone? Does anyone remember what Think Win-Win means?
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