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Tian Shan

No description

John Salazar

on 22 June 2015

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Transcript of Tian Shan

Tian Shan Mountain Range
Tian Shan is located in several countries it is also intracontinential(Its in more than one continent). Here is the list of the countries.

There are 20 million square meters of forest farms and 900 thousand cubic meters of forest.

There are 2500 species of vasular plants.
The weather in high altitudes are permafrost(a land of soil that´s permanently cold)

The weather in low atitudes is warm and humid since there are a lot of rainforest.
1.Jengish Chokusu 7439m or 24406ft
2.Khan Tegri 7010m or 22999ft
3.Xuelian Feng 6627m or 21742ft
4.Pik Talgar 4979m or 16335ft
5.Vladimir Putin Peak 4446m or 14587

Volga Fescue
Top 5 mountains
Tian Shan isnt that popular yet although predictions are that it will since its vast amount of waterfalls and rivers.

You can go climbing, Hiking, Mountaineering, Horse riding and camping.

The 5th largest mountain is named after Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Fun Fact

There is a waterfall called the heveanly waterfalls
Fun Fact
Tian Shan mountains were formed when the Indian and Eurasian plates collided 25 million years ago. This mountain range is fairly long, streching 2800 km long. The tallest mountain in the range Jengish Chokusu (Victory Peak) is skyrocketing at 7439 m or 24406 ft.
The indigenous people live in the Tian Shan mountains. They live, survive of the land

Fun Fact

The range is a fold mountain.
The Tian Shan mountains have many areas where the soil is rich for farmers.
The mountain range has a large supply of coal, petrolium and natural gas.
Most of it is transported to Russia.

Like many others parts of the world, the glaciers at northern Tian Shan are receeding.

The permafrost temperatures are deadly.

The Tian Shan mountain range has four names Tian Shan, Tien Shan, Tyan Shan and Teen Chin.

The mountain range in english translate to Celestial mountains because the mountains take heavenly apperance at sunset.

There is a fair amount of animals in the range heres a list:
Golden Eagle
Snow Leapoard
Menzbier Mormat
Red Squama fish
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