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No description

Angie Daurer

on 22 September 2017

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Transcript of 16-17

-unofficial transcript
from pod secretary for free!
Visit with College Reps
College Rep Visits at HHS!

Online in Naviance

Pick-up a pass in the College and Career Center

Common Application
Financial Aid
HHS Counseling Department website
Under "colleges" tab click on "National Scholarship Search" and "scholarship list"
(Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

After the New Year
Continue Scholarship Apps
Visit colleges (if needed)
Keep grades up!
Compare Financial Aid Packages
Make your final decision
College Applications 101
College: 11 months ahead
Final College Visits
College Applications
Request Transcripts
Ask for Letters of Rec
Finish Applications
Send ACT Scores
Retake ACT?
File the FAFSA
College Reps at HHS
College Fairs
Finish Applications
Scholarship Search!

Apply for Scholarships
Deciding College Visits
Make Final Decisions
Finish Scholarship Apps
Commit to a College
Send Deposits
Send Required
HHS Senior Decision
Need to Re-Take the ACT?
Remaining 2016 Test Dates:
College Fairs
October 4th at ECC 6:00pm-8:00pm
October 6th at MCC 6:00pm-8:00pm

Admission Policies
Rolling Admission
Applications are reviewed as they are received
Applicants are notified as decisions are made
Early Decision
You may only apply to one school early decision
If accepted, you must pull all other applications
Early Action
You apply early to the college and are notified well before regular decision deadline
If accepted, you are not committed to enroll
Can be automatic scholarship deadline
Can be Honors program deadline
NOVEMBER 1 is a common early deadline
Open Admission
All secondary graduates accepted
Letters of Recommendation
Request a letter of rec
in person
Give teacher/counselor your completed Request for Recommendation form
Allow for at least
10 school days
to write the letter
Answer the question that is asked
Essay help is available!
See an English teacher
Meet with your counselor
Raider Aid 5th and 6th periods, after school
Colleges want to know who you are and how well you can write
Senior grades still count!
All acceptances are conditional
Colleges notice changes to academic schedule
Test Scores
Create an account
Select Schools
Complete Supplements
Invite Recommenders
Must complete Request for Recommendation form
Let them know in person
Make sure they received the invite
See your counselor with questions

FAFSA application opens on October 1, 2016

Please fill out the survey in Naviance
under the "about me" tab
click on "Senior Parent Night Survey"

Thank You!
Regular Decision
Specific deadline for all applications
Letters mailed after all decisions are made
Who do you ask?

Tasty treats provided by MCC Culinary Management

Demonstrations by various MCC departments including culinary and baking and pastry, art, and more
Nov. 16, 2016 from
5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
at MCC
Attend free workshops on:
Financing your college education
How to Transfer
Services for Students with Disabilities

Meet MCC instructors at over 40 different program booths
Why You Should Attend
HHS College Essay Workshop: October 12
Stay organized with Naviance!
Do not wait on letters to submit your application!
Requesting Your Transcript
1. Self Reporting

2. Parchment

3. SENDedu or Common App

-unofficial transcript from POD administrative assistant
-request your own transcript online for free
-counselors can upload your transcript online for free
Apply online


Request letters of recommendation

Request transcript

Test scores
Send ACT scores on your own
No longer on your transcript

Send AP scores on your own
Not part of the application
Can send scores for free in May
(if you're in an AP class this year)

Log-in to
Go to HHS website, scroll down
Click on "Naviance", right side

: student email address
: student ID # (no "s" in front)

In the Colleges tab, add schools to
"Colleges I'm Thinking About"
"Colleges I'm Applying To"

Financial Aid/Scholarships
Merit Aid
Often based on GPA and ACT scores
Often automatically granted by colleges
Often renewable every year
Need-Based Aid
Based on family income
Based on results of FAFSA
Must apply to determine eligibility
Click on Register and View Scores
then Test Dates and Locations
Who should re-take the ACT?
If a point or 2 higher
will get more scholarship money

If a point or 2 higher
will increase likelihood of acceptance

Both standardized college admissions tests
Many colleges accept both
Both made up of English, Reading, Math, and optional Writing sections
SAT doesn't have a Science section
SAT offers additional subject tests
Information from Washington University
in St. Louis (Wash U)
Full transcript