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Sonic Drive-In Franchise Report

This Prezi is about a Franchise I would like to bring into Windsor and the restaurant I chose was Sonic Drive-In. In this Prezi you will see me talk about where and why I would like to bring this Restaurant in my city.

Adam C

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of Sonic Drive-In Franchise Report

Franchise Report
Adam Cupryniak
Mr. Leonardi
March 9, 2015

- America's largest drive-in chain for 60 years
- The founder is Troy Smith Sr. in 1953
- Teamed up with Charlie Pappe in 1959 and that's when the Sonic Drive-in name was born and franchising began.
Brief History
- I can choose wherever I want
-If I need help Sonic will assist me
- Their development department that provides real estate also offering referrals with engineers and architects to help develop my location
Who Selects the Location of your Business?
- Sonic will assist me at multiple phases of the development process from real estate to site design
- They provide structured and comprehensive training

Does the Franchisor Provide Assistance and Training?
- Sonic grants me the right to operate a in a location of my desire or at a location in a specified area with their approval
-They review demographic and population mix to determine site viability and if they don’t think the area will have great business they can deny
If the Territory is not Exclusive, does the Franchise have the Right of First Refusal on Additional Franchises Established in Nearby Locations?
-The down payment for starting a non-traditional or traditional Sonic is about $22,500 and $45,000 respectively
-Start up costs for owning a Sonic range from $434 000 - $545 000
-Royalties are up to 5% of gross sales
Costs (i.e. start up cost/ franchise fees, royalties)
Sonic Traditional Drive-In Model:
Different Versions of Sonic Restaurants
- Yes if you have a traditional license agreement and no if you have a non-traditional license agreement
- I can also choose where I want my location, but it will have to have their approval.
Are you Assigned to Exclusive Territory?




- No, I'm not required to purchase any equipment of supplies from the franchisor
- Though, Sonic can help with a lot of it
- If I did use their equipment I would have to rent it
Is the franchisee required to purchase equipment and supplies from the franchisor or other suppliers?
- The location in Windsor where Sonic will succeed is on Dougall Avenue, left of McDonald's and right of Veterans
-The land is 1.28 acres and for a Sonic restaurant I need 2/3 to 1 acre of land.
Determine the location in Windsor where the Franchise would succeed
- Family Fun Center or Rose Bowl bowling compliments my franchise
- You can go get something to eat then for some entertainment you can go to an arcade or bowl
Who compliments your franchise
Support, training, a system of operation, lower inventory prices and a well known name
Royalty Fees, rules, higher start-up costs and less freedom
Pros and Cons of owning and operating a franchise
-My biggest indirect competitor is Subway, Hamoudis Shawarma and Papa Johns

- My biggest direct competitor is McDonalds
Who is your biggest competitor (Indirect/Direct)
Sonic Drive-In Restaurant
If you were wondering....
-A traditional license is a Sonic
restaurant that stands alone with a
drive thru and dining halls
- A non-traditional license is a Sonic
restaurant co-branded with a travel plaza
Sonic Conversion Model:
Sonic Enclosed Patio Model:
Sonic Mall/Airport Model:
- Great menu, offering lots of variety
- Lots of deals and offers
- Customers always come back for more, especially because they have five balanced and distinct parts:
breakfast, lunch, afternoon, dinner and evening menu items, which are served fresh all day
- Other restaurants have only one or two strong day parts
- Sonic treasures work for you.
Explain why you think the franchise would be successful
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