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first exam!

No description

Ann Ratliff

on 4 October 2015

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Transcript of first exam!

Does ESPN stand for?
Is the name of the region that is based off of a human characteristic that can be measured .
The part of DOGTAILS that indicates direction is called
A population pyramid that has a low fertility rate and a long life expectancy
first exam!
Formal Region
What were the two main causes of the population growth that began in the late 1700s?
1. Industrial Revolution
2. Advancement in medicine
_____ is defined by a movement out of a people leave a location.
A ______ is someone that has been forced to migrate away from their home due to persecution, warfare, safety, or natural disaster.
Birth rate - death rate = _________?
Rate of natural increase
The average number of people per square area is known as an area's _______.
Population Density
The # of people/animals an area can support
Carrying Capacity
Oppressive governments
These are examples of ___.
Push Factors
The type of region that is the easiest to alter over the long run would be...?
Perceptual Region
What is the main difference between GPS and GIS?
GPS - mapping system to source and store absolute locations
GIS - Takes this mapping to create relationships to be used for a variety of things
What is cognitive mapping?
Mental mapping - your perception of the world based on relative locations
Based on the last 2 questions, what is a "relative location?"
Location based on landmarks and comparing one site to another.
Ex. She lives on the East Coast, one state north of South Carolina
Location that is based on specific coordinated of longitude and latitude is known as ____.
Absolute location
An economy in which people are able to create their own businesses is known as a _____.
Free Market or Capitalist
The process of population movement to cities
An area and its surrounding suburbs is known as a ______
Metropolitan area
or metropolis
Draw a physical map of the United States.
Now turn this map into a political map!
Test Concepts
- Maps and Map Types
- Regional Types
- Population
- Migration
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