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Here is my Prezi for my English class.

Kanza Zaidi

on 31 October 2016

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Transcript of BOC

My Book of Choice English
By: Kanza Zaidi 7A
January 10,13

The book I choose was Dork Diaries Tales from a Not -So-Fabulous Life by Rachel Renee Russell. This is the first book from the series.
Book pages: 282 pages
Book started: December 15, 2012
Book ended: December 17, 2012
Rating of the book:9
Intended audience:ages 9 to 12
My Favorite passage from the story is ....
Page # 155 paragraph 1 and pg 157
What a bunch of SHOW- OFFS! I mean,what real classically trained ballerina would end her dance by doing splits and cheesing(which BTW,means smiling)like she just got her braces off or something.Iwas like,"Hey girlfriends ! This AIN'T Dancing with the stars!" But I just said it in my head,so no one else heard it but me.Any way, when our music came on, Chloe must have completely forgotten we were supposed to be doing a ballet routine because she started doing some funky dance moves like she was one of those half -rotted zombie from the Thriller music video.The next thing I knew ,Zoey was acting like a zombie too,so I didn't have a choice but to follow along .Plus ,I figured our teacher would probably knock off a few points off our grade if Chloe and Zoey were staggering around like the undead and I was doing ballet plies in first and third position.
Book Information
Why Do i like this passage ?????
I liked the whole story but, I especially liked this passage from the story because I though it was funny and entertaining..I could even imagine how that would look like .I liked this passage from the story for many more reasons. I thought it was really funny, and you don't really see this style of writing in stories.The passage actually sounded like something I would say .(in the beginning of the passage) You could say I connected with the passage and with the whole story.
2.What does incessant mean ???
Incessant:Continuing without interruption.
Where does this word come from in the story??
Even though I was enjoying all of the unexpected attention, there was an incessant gnawing deep down inside my gut that had me really worried. (page 223 paragraph 4)
Ohhhhh.... I think i got it ....let's see.
Here is an original sentence .
For the past two hours I have incessantly done questions one through one hundred without stopping.
My master piece
3.Who is Mackenzie Hollister ?
In every Middle school or High school story there is always a mean , popular girl.In dork diaries the mean girl is Makenzie Hollister.
This is her..
Now you have seen how Makenzie looks like .Here is something that symbolically represents her.Makenzie is like the fashinista at school who always disses everyone.She constantly applies ten layers of lip gloss before doing almost anything.Whenever I read the word, "lip gloss" in the book I instantly know something that has to do with Mackenzie. Mackenzie even used her favorite lip gloss and wrote, "bug girl" on Nikki's locker.You could tell it was her lipgloss because she used that perticular lipgloss in fround of everyone .
4.What's the book title and authors name again??
A passage that has vivid setting is when Nikki describes how someone from her class looks like.When I read the paragraph the character that was described reminded me of a Barbie doll.The character contrubutes to the scene because Mackenzie gave Nikki an invitation to give to Jessica to her party. Jessica was the Barbie doll I was talking about earlier.But ,Nikki thought that the invitation was actually for her.So Nikki gets all excited for the invitation that wasn't for her and Jessica notices that Nikki took her invitation and is steaming mad.Nikki turns around to see that Jessica was part of Mackenzie's group .The Barbie doll group. Nikki sees that the invitation couldnt have been for her but for another person in the CCP .
8. Out of all the characters in the story I am most like ......
I am just like Nikki Maxwell
How am I like her??
Well, I just moved to a new school and trying to fit in. I also have a annoying little sibling that is always bothering me and a older one too . I have a few main best friends that always help me when I'm in panic mode.We always stick with each other and never get into many fights.Just like best friends should.
9. Connect to the world .
10.Theme Time
I think the theme of the story is when ever you are feeling sad ,your friends can always brighten up your mood.In the story Nikki was tripped by someone and Chloe and Zoey were the only people in the whole school who made Nikki feel better after her fall.Chloe and Zoey helped Nikki clean some of the food that was on her and made Nikki feel less sad.Here are some quotes from the story." WHAT'S UP, GIRLFRIEND!! For some reason, seeing them made me start crying all over again.Soon, three of us were just chilling out in the janitor's closet talking about the drama with Jessica and Mackenzie.'' (pg 116 Nikki is talking) " Pretty soon the lunch period was almost over.Chloe and Zoey helped me scrub most of the food stains off my clothes with paper towels and hand soap from the sink .''(pg 118 Nikki is talking)
This is the paragraph where I found a vivid setting .
She had long blond hair and was wearing a pink, glittery lip gloss, a pink sweater ,a pink miniskirt, and a headband trimmed with fake pink diamonds. If a had spotted her in Toys "R'' Us, I swear i would have probably mistaken her for a new fashion doll.(pg 75)
Mackenzie's group
Nikki's Group
This is how Jessica looks like
This is the actual picture of the book.But it is supposed to represent Nikki's diary.The diary is important in they story and is the key symbol because it has the whole story wriiten it.It also is about her diary,what's in her diary, and evrything else that is related to her diary.The whole story is based and written about Nikki's thoughts and life.The whole story is written like someones own diary from middle school.
A key symbol ....hmmmm...
In the story Nikki is new a new student at a new school .She is trying to fit in and not be a dork .She misses her old school and wants to move back.Many people from around the world move all the time and miss their old homes and schools. Moving to a new place happens everywhere and at anytime .This happens in society all the time.Also fitting in a new school school is very hard. I think everyone faces with moving to a new place , a new city, country ... or even continet . This happens all the time.
This picture is to represent that moving is possible all around the world.
I hope you enjoyed my presentation about my book of the month. I hope you get to read the book someday.
This picture is about a cartoon character that talks way too musch.And her talking is like an incessant.
An important value in the story is
An important value in the story is friendship .Throughout this book friendship is hinted.When Zoey and Chloe were having a fundraiser for books, Nikki had to draw a tattoo on people to get books.Nikki kept on doing a lot of work and didn't say anything after a while.Just to keep her friendship between her friends fine.But, later then quit.Than her friends apologized to her and they became friends again.
Another one of my masterpieces
Another time was when Nikki's painting for the art competition was accidentally destroyed. Nikki's friends secretly took pictures of other art pieces she made .Here is a quote from the story.''Well, after we heard about the accident with your painting, we rounded up with the kids with your best tattoo artwork, and Brandon took pictures of them during lunch.Then he printed out the photographs on the computer in the newspaper office.Mrs. Peach let the three of us work on your entry the entire afternoon in the library.We call it The Student Body.''(page 273 Zoey is talking)Later at the end of the book Nikki learned to accept her friends with their craze of books .She decides it wouldn't be so bad to go to National Library Week in NYC.Here is the last quote that shows friendship in the book.''But the strangest thing was that I was actually starting to look forward to attending National Library Week at the NYC public library .And we had a good chance of being selected.I mean ,just think about it! Chloe ,Zoey and me in Manhattan for five days without our 'rents! How EXCITING would THAT be ?! In the whole story friendship is shown to be an important thing .
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