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CIS561 E-commerence

No description

YunJu Chen

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of CIS561 E-commerence

6. Financial Plan
4. Strategy
CIS561 E-commerce
2. Product and Service
3. Market Analysis
Globally, internet advertising will grow at an average of 10% a year.

Mobile advertising is the fastest growing form of advertisement: Mobile ads growing by 77% in 2013 (ZenithOptimedia)
3.1 Market Segmentation
US telecommunications companies
FingerKash will be marketed initially to Sprint smartphone customers looking to save money - Sprint has over 56 million subscribers and our app will be most attractive to their price sensitive customers.

% by age group who own a smartphone
75% of 18 to 34 years now own a smartphone and we believe that this age group will be the majority of our customers.
3.2 Market Trends
The trend in the US and world is the increase use of mobile phones as all in one devices that people use for more and more applications.

In January and February 2013, Edison Research and Arbitron conducted a national telephone survey of over 2,000 Americans, aged 12 and older and have published the following figures:
Mobile device growth continues
3.3 Market Share
Between 2012 and 2015, the US is expected to contribute 28% or $21 billion of the $74 billion that will be added to global spending on advertisements.

3.4 Competition
- startup company composed of a group of recently graduated students from New York.

They have one venture capitalist, Great Oaks that invested $500,000 and three angel investors.

Recently launched their Locket beta app on the Android and Apple market place.

They are paying users 1 cent per unlock capped at 3 cents per hour or 72 cents max for 24hrs

Locket currently has approx 150,000 users and increasing.
"Through advertisements and technology we will reverse the ever growing trend of increasing cell phone bills and give everybody an opportunity to afford smartphones for their families."
With FingerKash app, we hope to eventually capture a large share of this $21 billion and return it to the people.

Honey Screen
- South Korean company which provides a similar service.

Each point is worth 1 cent and 1000 points is equal to $10 USD

Users can earn up to 500 points and earn an additional 100 points for each of their friends referred.
3.5 Competitive Comparison
2. Advantage of FingerKash:
Our goal is to help people pay specifically for their phone bill.

Our app will streamlined so that the percentage earned will automatically be applied to the user's monthly phone bill

Percentage earned remains!

Larger growth with partnership with Sprint will mean larger discounts for our users.

1. Current Market Share:
With only 150,000 of the over 139 million smartphone users in the US, using Locket, the market potential is wide open.

Our niche audience are price sensitive Sprint customers.

We will partner with Sprint to mutually benefit both parties.

Sprint will benefit with more customers due to savings

FingerKash will benefit from their brand leverage and established customers.

7. References
1. MarketLine Case Study: Facebook: The Future of its ad-supported business model. Jan 2013. MarketLine.com
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14. http://shop.sprint.com/mysprint/shop_landing.jsp;jsessionid=A7626A55C13019917778E0670B88DB6D.shop51?pagename=whysprint&plan=unlimited
15. http://whatadvertising.blogspot.com/2013/04/what-are-average-cpm-rates-2013.html
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19. www.bbconsult.com
Eugene Chung, Yun Ju Chen, Armando Garcia, Nicky Gunakan

FingerKash is a mobile application for all smartphone platforms.

Primary Functions:
Works as a Lock screen
Earn Cash for viewing ad's and unlocking your phone
Our main goal at FingerKash is to provide cell phone bill relief to all our users and provide Consumer Demographics to all our advertisers.
2.1 Product and Service
2.2 How it Works
Visiting an Ad = 2 Credits
Unlocking Phone = 1 Credit
1,000 Credits = 1% discount of Phone Bill
10% limit on Discount
Company Growth = Higher % Discount
2.3 Technology
Android = Google's Android Development Toolkit Java
iOS = Apples IOS development tool kits

Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
FingerKash Website
$3844 = 3 year contract
$6139 = Running 24/7

$3844 = 3 year contract
$6139 = Running 24/7

5. Management Summary
Board of Directors:
Sprint CEO Dan Hesse, CEO of Softbank Masayoshi Son, CEO of Google Larry Page

Board of Advisors:
CSULA Prof. Steve McGuire and Prof. Jose Carballo.
Google's Doubleclick Ad Exchange

FingerKash is a Native app
Eugene Chung, 5 years Active Duty US Coast Guard,
Bachelors: Logistics and Intermodal Transportation, Masters: MBA Management, Investor & Entrepreneur.

Armando Garcia, Associates: Electronic and Computer Hardware Technology, Bachelors: Industrial Technology, Masters: Industrial and Technical Studies.

Nicky Gunakan, 4 years experience in doing Web Computer Programming. Bachelors: Computer Science. Masters: Computer Information System.

Yun Ju Chen, Bachelors: Finance, Minor in Accounting and Economics. Masters: Computer Information System.

Millennial Media
2.4 Policies
user must be over age of 12
User information would only be shared as demographics to our advertisers
Information is protected by SSL and PCI vulnerability standards
2.5 Future Products
Combine Native app with Web
Kash Rewards Program for users' that reache limit
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