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Dream cast vs. 64 by Manuel

No description

Mr Glover

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of Dream cast vs. 64 by Manuel

Sega Dreamcast vs. Nintendo 64 Dreamcast was released in 1999 in the United States. Nintendo 64 came out 3 years before the dreamcast What are the differences these 2 consoles have are First different thing is the controller. For the dreamcast the analog stick is on the right and for the 64 it's in the middle. The 64 has 6 buttons. Two of them are a and b. A is blue and b green and the rest are all c's and there yellow. Dreamcast has 4 buttons and they are a, b, x and y. A is red, b is blue, x is yellow and y is green. What really separate dream cast from the 64 controller is that it has a little window on it for the memory card. Second thing is the memory card. For the dreamcast memory card was called Visual Memory Unit (VMU). This was no ordinary memory card because it had a screen with a four buttons on it. When you put the memory card on the controller you could see the saved data. What makes VMU unique was you could also play mini games on the memory card. The 64 memory card was called the controller pak. It allowed you to save data from a game. Third thing different is the games.
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