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The Inheritor

No description

Samantha Wooster

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of The Inheritor

The Inheritor
By: Frank Roberts Drive Character Types: Setting: Plot: Core By: Michael,
Devon Thematic Statement The Man: protagonist, dynamic and flat character

The Ewe: a flat character

The Dingo: antagonist, static and flat character

The Pilot: flat and static character. The story takes place in Australia, in a desert, on a peaked hill known as The Lone Pine because it has one tree on it. The time is left relatively unknown, but there are small hints leading the reader to believe it takes place during the 21st century. The story starts out in the middle of a desert with no apparent conflict or action. As the story continues into the rising action, the antagonist is introduced in the form of a Dingo. During this point in time of the story, the Man (Protagonist), and the Dingo (Antagonist) enter a fully physical conflict of fight to the death (Person vs Person). When the story approaches the climax, both main characters are injured in some way and a flash flood begins, leading to the climax. The plot of the climax reflects its definition very well as the man settles the battle with a final grasp of the Dingos neck. The falling action is simply the man waiting for rescue from the flood, feeling the pain from his battle of victory. Conflict types: Man vs Environment, Man vs self, Man vs wild. In The Inheritor Roberts shows that man is kind and deadly at the same time. When dealing with terms of survival man will do what is necessary to protect those he cares for most. Roberts also displays how manwill show pity on others unable to defend themselves. Point of View: 3rd person! - “A man can be a fool” (Page 159) Dialogue

- “As the flood consumed the ground” (Page 159) Personification

- “Dingo danced out of his reach” (Page 160) Alliteration Notables/Stylistic Devices Survival of the fittest, Man is kind Big Idea: In the song, the singer talks about one person.
The man could feel betrayed by the Ewe as the singer felt about the other person. The similarity between these two pieces is that they deal with love. The singer sings about a person like an ex lover or friend. This same betrayal could relate to the feelings the man felt for the Ewe, But was then injured by the dingo thus feeling betrayed. In the song the lyrics go back to discussing about love and moving on just like the man and the Ewe survive the conflict they faced.
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