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Games and Toys of the Indus Valley

No description

Emilia Dale

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Games and Toys of the Indus Valley

Games and Toys of the
Indus Valley Just like every child
nowadays, kids from
the Indus Valley really
loved toys! Most figurines and toys were
made from baked clay and
terracotta. Some figurines were:
bobble-head cows
squirrels. Also, like today, there were
some toys on wheels that kids
pulled along on a string. Places to play:
roofs But most children
had to work. Their work included
making things
hunting We think some kids
went to school. They learned from scribe
and priests They would have learned
skills from their parents:
etc. Did they have pets? Just like we do, people in the
Indus Valley probably had pets. Archaeologists have found paw
prints, suggesting they had pets.
Also, dog bones have been found. They probably also had
other animals as pets:
caged birds
snakes or lizards
deer or wild boars
farm animals It was not only kids who played.
Adults loved cock fighting, gambling,
and board games. The pieces on most board games
were made mostly from ivory. In conclusion, people
in the Indus Valley knew
how to have FUN! The END
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