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The Curse Of the mummy

english homework

empo6947 6947

on 24 November 2012

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Transcript of The Curse Of the mummy

Characters The Curse of the Mummy Summary Tariq: He's the main characterr and he loves Anne, a girl that met in Egypt. He works in the Valley of the Kings with Mr. Carter and other mans beacuse they want to find Tuttankhamun's thomb. His dad works in the museum of history in Cairo.
. Mr. Carter: He'is the boss of the expedition. He's working in the Valley of the Kings to find Tuttankhamun's thomb for a lot of years and now he has only one more year to find it. Anne: She is a young French artist. She meets Tariq in the Valley of the Kings and she loves him. She lives with her strict teacher Mr. Ayrton. Lord Carnarvon: He is a rich men that pays the expedition and goes to Egypt when Tariq finds the thomb. In the end, he dies. This is Lord Carnarvon. After working a lot, they find the room of the coffing and open it, and there's Tuthankkhamun's dead body.Tariq is very tired now, and he goes with his father in Cairo's muesum. He will back in some weeks, but he never will go back and he works in the museum.

It 's seven years late and everything is different. Anne is in Cairo working with Tariq and they are marry. Mr Ayrton, Anne's bad teacher, isn't with her. Now the people know that there isn`t any mummy's curse. It was a bacteria in the tomb that attack to some people and they die. Tariq is working in the Valley of the kings to find Tuttankhamun's thomb when he meets Anne,a pretty girl that lives with her teacher. One day Tariq finds a step in the sand, and later, he and the other guys find three doors. Mr Carter calls to Lord Carnarvon and he goes to Egypt. When he arrives, Mr Carter, Tariq and himself go into the thomb and they find a lot of treasures. Now they're working to find more things.
In the story, Lord Carnarvon is very ill for a mosquito's bad bite, and he dies in the end. The people say that Lord Carnarvon and a lot of another people is dead due to the curse of Tuankhammun . Personal opinion I like this book because has a lot of mystery and love. I also like it because I learn some things about the Ancient Egypt and about the expedition in the Valley of the Kings in 1922.
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