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A Graceful Balance: DBAE & Choice-based Art Education

Presentation for the 2012 RHD3 Student Engagement Conference

Gina Thomas

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of A Graceful Balance: DBAE & Choice-based Art Education

A Graceful Balance: DBAE
Art Education Discipline Based Art Education: Choice-based Art Education: A Starting Point: Exemplary Lesson... Your turn... Finding a balance... As art educators, how can we move beyond instruction to guide and inspire our students as artists? Engaging learners through choice
and exploration

open, yet structured, learning environment

allows for independent work and the development of artistic behaviors too structured, controlled
students engaged, but going through the motions
little room for genuine creativity, exploration, and ownership of ideas shifting dynamics to offer more choice
freedom within structure
re-structuring of art room environment "But then I think of how much beginnings have to do with freedom, how much disruption has to do with consciousness, and the awareness of possibility that has so much to do with teaching other human beings. And I think that if I and other teachers truly want to provoke our students to break through the limits of the conventional and the taken for granted, we ourselves have to experience breaks with what has been established in our lives; we have to keep arousing ourselves to begin again." ~Maxine Greene, Releasing the Imagination, 1995 Food for thought... Focusing on art... production
aesthetics My struggle as an art educator... Where do artists get ideas?
art centers for exploration
reflecting, deciding, and creating a final project May we always remain in the freedom of new beginnings and endless possibility. Gina M. Santucci
Art Educator, MAAE
India Hook Elementary School
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