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Sports Development Quiz


Dafydd James

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Sports Development Quiz

1. What does NGB stand for?
5. How is sports development delivered in a local authority?
7. List 3 things a Community SDO would do in their job
Sports Development
2. List 5 different NGB's
3. Name an example of an international GB
4. What are the roles and responsibilities of a national organisation?
6. What NGB does this logo belong to?
8. What NGB does this logo belong to?
11. Who is my sporting idol?
9. What is the name of the website where you can find the best jobs in sports development?
10. What 2 criteria must a sport hit to receive funding from Sport England?
12. Who won gold in the Men's long jump in London 2012?
13. Name Jessica Ennis' coach
14. Name Britain's most successful Olympian
15. Who and where will the 2013 Lions play in their first game?
Key Providers of Sports Development
Voluntary Organisations
Represent wide participation base at a recreational level and basic competitive level
Low cost participation
Supported by volunteers
What kind of roles could they fulfill?
Are there any weaknesses in relying on volunteers?
Private-Sector Providers
Give benefits to local communities (sponsorship, venues etc.)
LOCOG Funding - 2 Billion raised from sponsorship, broadcasting and merchandise
Local community and schools benefit from discounted/free use during day-time periods
Barclays 'Spaces for Sports'
Professional Providers
Independent coaches - swimming, gymnastics, fitness etc.
Self-employed coaches hired by organisations - consultants -
PGA Pro @ Golf Club
Licensed or approved by NGB
Working Groups
Consultation Groups
Voluntary Sector
Organisations in partnership
Wide groups of people
Experts sharing ideas/good practice
All organisations have a structure that staff should follow to help deliver programmes
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