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Mexicans Begin Jogging

No description

Sarah Harter

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of Mexicans Begin Jogging

By: Sarah Harter Pop-Up Poetry Presentation By: Gary Soto Mexicans Begin Jogging Mexicans Begin Jogging At the factory I worked
In the fleck of rubber, under the press
Of an oven yellow with flame,
Until the border patrol opened
Their vans and my boss waved for us to run.
"Over the fence, Soto," he shouted,
And I shouted that I was American.
"No time for lies," he said, and pressed
A dollar in my palm, hurrying me
Through the back door.

Since I was on his time, I ran
And became the wag to a short tail of Mexicans--
Ran past the amazed crowds that lined
The street and blurred like photographs, in rain.
I ran from that industrial road to the soft
Houses where people paled at the turn of the autumn sky.
What could I do but yell vivas
To baseball, milkshakes, and those sociologists
Who would clock me
As I jog into the next century
On the power of a great, silly grin. Literary/Rhetorical Devices -Oven yellow with flame - Imagery
-Became the wag to a short tail of Mexicans - Metaphor
-Ran past the amazed crowds - imagery
-Blurred like photographs, in rain - Simile
-Soft houses - personification
-People paled at the turn of an autumn sky - metaphor
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