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!The Seven7 Continets!:)

No description

hazel vera

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of !The Seven7 Continets!:)

!The 7Continents!:) Did you know Africa is the second largest continent and popular. Our first continent is going to be Africa. As you can see here is a picture of Africa's climate,didn't you know its not always hot there. The first park is called Mas national in Kenya,mas is the populous park. Africa's major parks are so amazing it has 5,but they are different but interesting. Our 3rd amazing park is called Kruger national in south Africa that park is the best park,that's my opinion.:) Here is the second park its Chore national in Botswana it is the highest one. South iguana has 60 different animals its in Zambia. Serengeti national is larger than Mara but its in Tanzania... Our first land mark is called Zimbabwe which it is on south Africa,that land mark is spectacular and thousand of years ago it had a erosion but now its better. LAND MARKS!?. In north eastern in Africa is called the Egypt, has a wonderful picture of it. In central Africa has a landmark and its called Rwanda and it has beautiful mountains. In Gite,Bujumbura has a western country and that is the land mark~Burundi. Lake Nauru which it is in Nauru,its the largest one and popular. Africa's Cities The 5 Africa cities are Porto Nora,Luanda,Gaborone,Bujumbura,and Yaounde. That is it all the information of the wilderness of Africa! Africa largest river is called Congo some people go on a cruise. Africa is near sue canal by 130 km (81 mi) wide,if Africa was in Asia it would be in red sea. ASIA IS OUR 2,SO ITS THE BEST! ASIA!;) Asia is the first largest continent then the others!(wow):) Africa largest mountain is in western morocco called mt.toubkal is the highest one about 13,671 (ft) and 4167 (miles) Asia climate is really different from ours,i think?? THE PARKS!... ASIA PARKS,CITIES,AND LANDMARKS! The Park is Gunning Lease national park. Afghanistan Desert Lake in the Mountain National water park. Bach Ma National park Yoke Don National park.. Khan Soc national park:) In Central Asia is Tashkent its the largest city. MAJOR CITIES Sunnite Singapore! Brunei Mosque Peru,La Jolly Thé famous historien,on the globe. LAND MARKS!.?!.? Asia most beautiful land mark Mountain Everest nepal Great Natural in Asia Asia's beautiful land mark Tabatha ASIA last landmark,the most beautiful stone forest temple Did you know Europe is the 6th largest continet??? ?Europe! Asia's largest lake! Haley Lake,Asia’s largest Bird Sanctuary Peak Kaohsiung near Asia ocean! Europe climate is usually 9c! Playa de Las Americas PARKS!<3 PARKS!! In Europe, largest park in France called aquaboulevard. Jura mountains!! Finland Patvinsuo In Serbia Europe thers a park called Stara Planina... Europe's Most Romantic Cities. !European City! CITIES! Monte Carlo at night...? Touristmaker... Eastern Europe!!!! LAND MARKS!.??.!!.. The tower of Europe best landmark and great view!!(Don't you think)? Europe landmarks is terror hitlist... Dee Brunelleschi Basque D!? Tour Eiffel Jason Europe's River! Europe water body! Arctic Ocean!!! Highest mountain in Europe!! Antarctica is the 5 largest continent!yeah buddy!!!:) Antarctica!:D PARKS!;D Tierra del Fuego! Sea World! Green Peace! Antarctica best and beautiful view! The Olympic park in Antarctica! Wondermondo?? LAND MARK..!!?? Leisure the best one!! Venture County Star!.. Lemaitre the famous one! McMurdo the mostly typical. Argentina Ushuaia! CITIE$*!! Paradise Bay?? The Climate is so cold and winter very much!! McMurdo is the biggest city! In this one is no town just that home.. Ushuaia! Onyx the largest one! The body of water! Convergence in southern ocean. The highest mountain in Antarctica. Australia is the last one of the largest continent. AUSTRILA!:) Western Australia! ?THE CLIMATE?! PARKS!?>=/ Tjuta!! Maria island in Tasmania. Loch Ar Gorge Port Campbell! Luna Sydney! Heritage.?! Wondermondo. LAND MARKS!!!!!?????..... Touristmaker. Sydney in Australia. Campbell Muir in 1998. Trifter the famous one! !Cultural! CITIES!<3 Sydney the largest one! Perth? King park!?. Tasmania. Australia river! Australia body water? Surrounding ocean? Australia largest mountain!
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