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What is an unreliable character?

No description

Devon McNair

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of What is an unreliable character?

The Cask of Amontillado
What is an unreliable character?
-An unreliable narrator is a narrator , whether in literature, film, or theater, whose credibility has been seriously compromised.
The narrator Montresor explains that a man Fortunato has wronged him many times, and after another insult from Fortunato, Montresor has decided to kill him. Montesor and Fortunato meet at a carnvial. Fortunato greets Montresor drunkly, and Montresor asks him to come to his home with him. At his home the two of them head down to the catacombs. Montresor chains up drunk and confused Fortunato. Montresor then builds a wall to bury Fortunato alive. later in the story Monstresor then tells us that the events happened over 50 years ago.
List 1- Medoc- type of red wine
Arms-coat of arms, a group of symbols to represent family.
puncheons- large wine casks
flagon of de Grave- narrow-necked bottle with a handle and sometimes a lid, containing a wine from the Graves region of France.
Trowel-flat tool with a pointed blade especially used by a mason, a person who builds with stone or concrete.
In pace requiescat- Latin for "may he rest in peace."
roquelaure- a heavy knee-length cloak.
palazzo- Italian for "palace."

List 2
Precluded- made impossible inadvance prevented.
Impunity- freedom for punishment or harm
retribution- punishment
connoisseurship-expert knowledge
impose take advantage of.
recoiling-moving backward as in fear.
obstinate- stubborn
succession- series

Main Characters
Monstresor is the sinister character in the story, he is the ruthless cold blooded murderer. Fortunato is addicted to alcohol ,he is greedy, (he wants to make sure Luchesi doesn’t get his hands on the Amontillado.) and is to trusting.
What makes this narrator unreliable?
because he doesn't clearly or even say why he wanted revenge, he kinda looked as if he felt bad for what he had done. but at the end he says he doesn't.
the author first builds suspense by telling you the characters plans. (Part of his plan was to lure him to the location by offering him wine.) Then as we learn more about the wine, we also learn more about the creepy catacombs they were in. (at this point fortunato is really drunk and defenseless)
the conflict is the main struggle in the story. it can be man vs man, man vs nature, or man vs society. in the story the main conflict was man vs man.
Conflict in the story?
The conflict of this story was man against man (Montresor against Fortunato). In the story Montresor plans to kill Fortunato for insulting him.
in the story dramatic irony is used when Monstresor lures Fortunato into the catacombs. The audience already knows that he tends to murder Fortunato, but he doesn't know that. (this basically causes suspense)
The theme of the story is that not everything is exactly how it seems. (Fortunato thought that Montresor was his trustworthy friend until he was murdered
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