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Grad. Project: Electrical Distribution in Industrial Plant

No description

Bahy Aboelezz

on 1 November 2010

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Transcript of Grad. Project: Electrical Distribution in Industrial Plant

Time plan
Practical data & Shop drawings
Under-construction buildings
Egyptian code
Add your touch
Technology Recommendations Electrical Distribution in Industrial Plant Single-core Vs Multi-Core

Copper Vs Aluminium:
Electric conductivity - current density - c.s.a
Ductility - tensile strenght

Temperature rating
Dielectric strenght
Current carrying capacity

Derating Factors:
How cables is laid ( Air, Duct or barried )
Ambient temperature (45 degree)
Grouping factor
Thermal insulation factor
At the area center
In-active place
Feeding a radius of 25-30 meters
Same place in each floor
Connected with a riser
20% Spare
Fed from the Main Distribution Board
Types of loads:
Normal loads
Essential loads
Critical loads

Back-up schemes:
Additional transformer
Generator + UPS
Using emergency lighting kits Why calculated ?
Max. permitted: 5%

Factors Affecting V.D.:
Max. demand current
Lenght of cable
K: c.s.a & insulation 6- Distribution Panels 9- Emergency 1- Study Architectural Plans 10- Voltage Drop Single Line Diagram AutoCAD
2D and 3D design and drafting DIALux
lighting design software Sizing:
1.25 Ampere rating of circuit

MCB - Automatic trip
MCCB - Higher ratings adjustment
ACB - Adjustable

Room Geometry
Required Lux
Lamp Type
Uniformity Factor

Select Emergency Lamps
And insert Exit Signs

Circuits Wiring
Max. 8-10 lamps per circuit
Max. 1200 Watt per circuit
limited passage through walls
Locations are determined by the owner
Generally: each wall or every 3 meters
Normal, power, 3-phase power sockets
Isolating switches for air conditioning

Select Emergency Sockets

Circuits Wiring
8 normal sockets per circuit
1 power socker per circuit
1500 Watt per circuit
3- Power Sockets 2- Lighting 4- Circuit Breakers 5- Cables Steps of Electrical Design No time plan or objectives
Lack of practical data
Consultant's perspective
No value added or contribuation to science
Busy professor
Many buildings Feedback & Analysis Thyristor drive
DC motor starter
Adjustable speed drive
Variable frequency control Motor Control Center Measuring Devices Consists of: Overload
Short Circuit
Phase Failure
Phase Sequence 3 Ammeters + Voltmeter 3 Ammeters + Voltmeter
Running hour device Overload
Short Circuit
Earth leackage
Thermal overload
Locked rotor
Long starting time
No. of startings / hour Motors 1- Protection
2- Control Function Protection Devices Input to MCC Motor Protection Devices Motor Measuring Devices Input to MCC Industry = Motors 80% of average country energy usage Motor Starting Full Voltage Soft Starting Direct On-Line Star/Delta
Primary resistor/Reactor Reduced Voltage Witricity Desertec Foundation Chevrolet volt
November 2010 Battery
Emisions Launched 2009 12 European companies
PV systems and wind parks
6,500 square miles in the Sahara Desert
15% of Europe electricity By 2050

"Within 6 hours deserts receive more energy from the sun than humankind consumes within a year" Dr. Gerhard Knies, Chairman of the Supervisory Board Negatives Solar Impulse Project Solar powered plane
12,000 photovoltaic cells
The wingspan is 80.0 m ( larger than Airbus A380 )
Up to 36 hours ( 9 hours of night flying )
Circumnavigation of the globe in 20–25 days in 2012

launched 2003 Building first electric vehicle network
Opened its first functional charging station in December 2008 at Cinema City in Pi-Glilot, Israel
Battery exchange stations Founded 2007 General design principles
Overview on many topics
Experienced professor
Master new softwares; AutoCAD & DIALux
Documentation; read & search Positives Required Softwares Residential
(1) Residential
(2) Green Green Entrance Exit Factory Admin. Parking Main Electric
Room Layout Questions 7- Current Calculations 8- Single Line Diagram 1 out of 2 Bus-Bar 3 Bus-Bar 2 Bus-Bar 1 2 out of 3 Transformer 1 Transformer 2 3.6m X 7m
300 lux
Fluorescent 4x18 watt Incandescent Halogen Fluorescent Compact Fluorescent High Pressure Mercury 11- Power Factor Correction Why ?
High Current
Energy Loss
Larger Wires & Equipments
Main Distribution Board
Administration Building Distribution Panel
Basement Bus-Bar Lighting Panel - 1
Basement 12- Transformer Selection bahyaboelezz@hotmail.com
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