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Writing a Resume

No description

Gerald Gnerlich

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of Writing a Resume

Writing a REsume Resume Achievement Statements List your Achievements What Can you do better than anyone else? When did you take initiative? Did you win awards? Write your Statements Challenge: a problem or oppurtunity Action: What steps you took to meet the challenge. Results: What Happened. General Guidelines Begin writing your achievement statements Be honest: don't lie or inflate accomplishments. Don't include everything you've ever done. Resume Guidelines Types Functional: Focuses on skill groupings. Chronological:Focuses on the progression of jobs. Combination: Combines the two other types. How to use it Always include a cover letter with it. Attach it to application forms you submit. Send it only to employers. Before you send it out Read it out loud. Ask a friend or family member to read it. Be sure to read every word. Writing Avoid complete sentences. Don't use articles such as a, an and the. Skip "responsible for" The Words The Content List your participation in activities.

Especially in sports or things that involved teamwork. The Look Professional: On white Large and black, NEAT writing. Unique- not typical computer tempplates By Gerald Gnerlich.
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