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on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Hercules

He met love through his wife, Princess Megara, Given to him as a reward from the Thebans, for liberating them from the people of Minyans. When she gave him 3 sons, he went mad. Hera who never forgot what happened, sent the madness upon him. Killing his sons and wife. When he came to his senses, He had no idea of what happened, until Amphitryon told him. He wanted to spare his life and avenge upon himself the deaths, but didn't in part thanks to theseus.
Hercules went to Delphi to consult with the oracle. She told him that he needed to be purify, and only a terrible penance could do that. She told him to go to his cousin Eurystheus, king of Mycenae, and do anything Eurystheus demanded. The commands that were given to Hercules, which were called "Labors of Hercules". Which there was 12, all designed by Hera.
Eternal Rest
"Since death did not want to come to him, he would go to death". He order to be built a pyre on Mount Oeta. At the end he decided the same fate as his wife Deianira, which was taking away their own life. Hercules asked his youthful follower, philoctetes, to set the wood on fire. The flames consumed him, and he was taken up to heaven. Where he united with Hera and the others. Also marrying Hera's daughter Hebe
There has been many poets who have contributed to this magnificent story that entertained that ancient greeks.
There has been many poets who have contributed to this amazing story that entertained the ancient greeks for years, among them were many great names.
A fifth century poet who told about the crime in which it would change his life forever.
Describes how the hero died
Tells about his adventure with the snakes when he was a baby in the third century
A prose writer of the first or second century, who is the only writer other than Ovid to tell Hercules' full life, and is more detailed than Ovid's.
Hercules' Beginning
Ever since birth, there was always a fine distinction between their descent, which was shown in the way they faced danger, which came to them when they were only a year old. Hera, jealous of what happened was determined to kill Hercules, sent two great snakes to their cradle, the children and Iphicles screamed and tried to get out the bed, but Hercules grabbed them by the throat, playing with them.
Meeting His Doom
Beginning His Journey
It all started in the city of Thebes where he was born. His supposedly father was a distinguished general named named Amphitryon, in earlier years known as Alcides. And his mother was Alcemene. But in reality, he was the son of Zeus, who had visited her in the form of her husband while he was fighting off at war. She had to children, Hercules to Zeus and Iphicles to Amphitryon.
Second Labor
Go to Lerna and kill a creature with nine heads called the Hydra. It was a difficult task, because one of the heads was inmortal, and if the heads was chopped off, two more grew.
Third Labor
To bring back alive a stag with golden horns, which lived in the forests of Cerynitia. He hunted it a whole year before he succeded.
First Labor
To kill the lion of Nemea, a beast in which no weapon could wound him. But Hercules killed him by choking the life out of him.
Fourth Labor
To capture a boar, whose lair was on Mount. Erymanthus. He chased it, until it got tired, then took him to the snow.
Seventh Labor
To go to Crete and catch the beautiful, savage bull that poseidon gave to Minos.
Fifth Labor
To clean Augean stables in a single day. Augeas had thousands of cattle, and they hadn't been clean for years. Hercules changed the path of two rivers and made them flow through the stables, causing a great flood which cleaned it in no time.
Eleventh Labor
This was the most difficult of all so far, it was to bring back the Golden Apples of the Hesperides, but he didn't know where it was, only Atlas(bore the vault of heaven upon his shoulders) who was the father of Hesperides. Hercules offered himself to take on the burden, while Atlas was away looking for the apples. When Atlas came back with the apples, but doesn't want to take the world back, but Hercules tricks him by telling him to hold the world for a while, while he puts pads on his shoulder to ease the pain, and once he is out, he runs away with the apples.
Eighth Labor
To get the man-eating mares of King Diomedes of Thrace. Hercules slew Diomedes first and then took the mares.
Ninth Labor
To bring back the underwear of Hypolyta, the queen of the Amazons. She was gladly to give it to him, but Hera stirred up trouble, and made the amazons think that he was going to take away their queen, but he was able to fight them off.
Sixth Labor
To drive away the Strymphalian birds, which were a plague to the people of Strymphalus.
Tenth Labor
To bring back the cattle of Geryon, a monster with three bodies living on Erythia, a western sland.
The Labors of Hercules
Twelfth Labor
This was the worst of all, it took him all the way to the underworld. His task, bring back Cerberus, the three headed dog, and Hades gave him permission to do so, He took him to Eurystheus, but he didn't want to keep him so made Hercules take him back.
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