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Desktop Prezumé by Edwin Murphy

No description

Edwin Murphy

on 30 May 2018

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Transcript of Desktop Prezumé by Edwin Murphy

Graphic Design Projects:
Illustrationsm, Marketing for biopharm and Medical Industry
Native mobile device App For Mobile Broadband provider
Web development (front end design) for SME’s.
Wedding, fashion, landscape, and Object Photo shoots
Corporate identity, logo Design, merchandise and Vehicle print.
The Professional Life of
Edwin Murphy
Graphic Design........

Digital Media,

Southampton, UK
..............Dublin, Ireland
DSA. Advanced Graphics & Web Application Development:
Greg Brennan #1
Graphics and Application / Web Communications /
Management for mobile and mobile web: (DIT Level 9) Distinction
Digital Hub Web Academy. Dublin 8.
Southside Partnership. Blackrock Dublin.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Internet Marketing:
Work Experience
Reflex Design Ltd.
Director-Brennan & Co
Reference on request
Philip Woods #2
McCarrick Woods
Reference on request
Louise Fortune #3
B.IF.E. Lecturer
Reference on request
Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Office
User Centered Design
Fundamentals of Java, JScript
Digital media
2012 April - 2013 April
2012 - March
Diploma (NCVA) (FETAC Level 8) Distinction
Bray Institute of Further Education. Co.Wicklow..
Graphic Design:
Certificate: (Level 8)
Carlow Regional Technical College..
Mechanical Engineering:
Certificate (NCVA)
Pearce College Dublin 2.
Draughting & Design:
While studying I have continued to work and set up Reflex Design ltd, a graphic design company which has enabled me to advance my design and business skills. My work for SME’s consists of creating Logo designs, corporate identity, marketing, print and web front-end mockups with functional flow charts.
Design & supervision of installation , Sales & Acquisitions
On site liaison / Management / Implementation - Market Research & Auto Cad Drawing/print
0044 (0)7596986599

find me on

Edwin Murphy
App design...
Web design...
Ed-itorial Work
Thank you !!
Brennan & Company.
Intel Ireland / DPS.
2011 Sept-2013 Sept
10 years experience as a Mechanical, Electrical,Structural & Architectural Cad Technician has enabled me to work within a team environment, with strict time constraints and with the utmost degree of accuracy and accountability.
Working for DPS withing the Intel environment furthered that development and increased my communication ability via new working partnerships with the USA.
Engineering Projects:
Intel Ireland (Structural Pedestal Design) - DPS Engineering
Dundrum Town Centre (Mechanical & Electrical Services) - McCarrickWoods
Co-Location Hospitals Cork, Limerick and Beaumont (Mechanical & Electrical Services) - Ethos Engineering
Mater Hospital Dublin (Mechanical & Electrical Services) - Brennan & Company
St Laurances Drogheda Shopping Centre (Mechanical & Electrical Services) - Varming Engineering.
Graphic Designer (Freelance)
Position: Sales- Marketing - Illustrations - EVERYTHING!!
Structural Engineering Consultants
Position: Pedestal Designer / CAD Technician
2011 Aug-Sept
Medical/Pharma/Clean Room Supplies.
Position: Room Design,CAD Manager / Technician, Sales & Market Research
Mechanical & Electrical Consultants
Position: CAD Manager / Techniciann
The majority of my work with McCarrickWoods concentrated on the development of Dundrum Town Centre Dublin. This high profile job gave me valuable experience within the industry. Due to it’s size an FTP site (Buzzsaw) was initiated to transfer all associated Drawings, I have been an active participant in the initial installation, use and training of McCarrickWood’s staff with this Web Server and Cad Standards.


0044 (0)7596986599
Tree Solutions are a small company with great insight and vast training within the arborical industry. There is a whole sub-culture within the industry involving chandlery, machines, climbing methods and new cutting techniques. Preservation, safety and transferal of that information is part of the Tree surgeon's lifestyle and one they don't take for granted.

As a Graphic Designer, It was necessary for me to highlight this culture and portray Tree Solutions as more than just another tree cutting team. A team profile, gallery of work, services and safety videos were implemented within the website, ensuring a more, professional, friendly and educational site.

It was imperative that all images for the site were of a certain quality and style to reflect the corporate identity to which Tree Solutions aspired. A day in the field taking photos and another digitally editing was needed to create a bank of images for marketing use.
High-Resolution Mockups
After confirmation of the function flow, assets and relevant visual material, we can now progress to the high-res mock ups.

Visual and informative app research must be undertaken to begin the skinning of the app. Constant new features, graphics and user interfaces are been created by the ever changing app market and it is imperative that we keep on top of new trends and competitors.
This is a Transition flow chart for a Native mobile app.
After the client has agreed upon and stipulated their desired functions within the mobile application a transitional flow chart gives greater understanding to the project and problems are flagged easily at this point.

Simple tools such as Powerpoint can be used to design or tease out flow paths. In this case The Home page displays the most important functions of this app. This flow chart will evolve and change as the project does.
Functional flow User Interface:
A number of wireframes may be designed for each level of functionality, clarifying the process.

Balsamic is just one toll which help create these wireframes. A higher level of resolution, including possible metaphors and graphics are brought in. This helps further evolve and interpret the design to developers, clients or shareholders.

At this point it is not important to get bogged down on graphics as they may prove confusing or be misunderstood. Using User Centered Design, profiles task cases and interviews with prototypes also confirm, or flagg decisions.
This is a working concept, designed for education purposes. It rewards and teaches children how to engage and learn about the skeleton of the human body.

Mr Bones is set in a gory macabre Dungeon adding an element of fun, which children will love and secretive adults will love too. After each successful placement of a bone in its correct position, the board indicates feedback in educational text.

While considered by many as a bit of a "slow dog" Flash still is used for many marketing strategy's to engage and intrigue the user.
I have included a few photographic images. All are digitally altered but hopefully remain within the realms of photography. I have a keen interest and my camera is never too far away.

I have also worked on commercial object and fashion shoots plus the obligatory wedding or two.
Logo’s Print and Corporate Identity:

I get great enjoyment and satisfaction dealing with the clients, listening and interpreting their ideas. I get still more satisfaction delivering a design which knocks their socks off. Creative thinking is a slow process of investigation and research, a eureka moment comes from this process and with hard work can be gained more quickly.

Competitive and market research is very important. The client naturally wants to stand out from the crowd, so individualism of design and concept gives that edge.
More and more websites and digital media assets are using illustrations and cartoon techniques. These appeal to the child within us all.

We are at the generation where most adults were thought as kids in front of the TV by the morals of cartoons. A trust was developed within those early years and now in our adulthood we still feel a security amongst them.

Here are a selection of illustrations developed for both digital and print media advertisement.
Typography & Content Design:

Typography should be subtle but effective enough to draw our eye in, to engage the reader, to encourage us to read on. Typography can change the tone of an article or artwork.

A specific font can show a level of seriousness or can be used for comic effect. These advertisements below could be read as comic or serious, but the juxtaposition and arrangement of text adds an element to change the viewers perspective.

Spark Industries Ltd.
Spark Industries is a design and development firm, its flagship products are the Biobox and Medibox design configurator, specifically used for the Bio-Pharma and Medical industries. Withing Spark I became head of Illustration and soon after became Operations Manager, managing a team of illustrators, sales and digital animators.
2013 Oct-2014 Present
Head of Operations, Illustration, Quality Control & Training

Latest Illustrations
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