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Rising Star 101 Training

No description

on 11 May 2017

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Transcript of Rising Star 101 Training

Rising Star 101
What Exactly is Rising Star?
Rising Star provides qualified high school graduates with academic support services and up to $5,500 for tuition and books (3 year limit)

DCCCD Rising Star Program Requirements
MVC RS Student Requirement
Rising Star Registration Process
* RS student registers (online) - Brings copy of registration receipt (RGN) to Academic Advising Center.
- As a MVC "Perk" for our RS students, payment due dates are extended until the first day of class as long as there is at least (1) MVC on their schedule.
- RS student should be asked what year they graduated from high school and the year is to be written on the top right corner of the RGN. (Please refer to handouts)

* RS student registers with an academic advisor - Advisor must print (2) copies of the RS student's RGN (one copy for the student and the other copy to be placed in the designated area for RS registration receipts (paper tray in the cubicle across from Mrs. Jones' Office).

***These steps are important in order to avoid having RS students from getting dropped from their classes due to non-payment***
How Does A Student Apply For Rising Star?
1. Complete an online admissions application (DCCCD website or ApplyTexas.org)
2. Complete the online Rising Star application through eConnect.
A Rising Star Student Can...
Be a part time or full time student

- Part time: 1 -11 credit hours

- Full time: 12 credit hours or more

* Rising Star students are not required to be full time students.
Apply and receive outside scholarships

- Local Businesses
- Community Service
- DCCCD Foundation

*TWU offers a transfer scholarship for Rising Star students - "Dream Come True" Scholarship ($1,800/yr)

Enroll in Winter, May or Summer Courses
- Flex term
- Fast Track

* Must register during
regular registration
in order for RS funds to transmit
Complete HDEV 0092 or EDUC 1300 with a "C" or better no later than Summer 2018
Meet Financial Aid SAP Requirements

* 67 % course completion rate
* G.P.A 1 = 2.0 +
G.P.A 1 vs. G.P.A 2


TEC, Section 51.907 DROPS
Exempt based on course work prior to Fall 2007

Complete a FAFSA

- Paper FAFSA or Online FAFSA

*Deferred Action Applicants are still required to complete a paper FAFSA.

* Rising Star funds are "funds of last resort" (back up to financial aid)
Continuous Enrollment

- Fall 2017
Spring 2018

*If the student is unable to attend (extenuating circumstances), they must contact Mrs. Lorena to discuss options ASAP.

* Meet with Mrs. Lorena in order to create a Curriculum Plan (September/October 2017) - failure to do so can result in registration delay.

Where do I go to get my MVC ID?
- Office of Student Life (S-1032)
- Must have a
receipt in order to receive a DCCCD student ID
- First DCCCD ID is FREE!
* There will be a replacement fee if lost
Contract Signing Day!
Lorena Faz-Deleon

Program Services Coordinator
(214) 860-8557

Office Hours:
Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
10 a.m. - 7 p.m.

* Appointments are preferred*

Student Success Club
Volunteer Opportunities
Fundraising Events
University Trips
Social Events
Picture ID is required in order to receive services
Remember to use your financial aid funds to purchase your books first not....
* Can I use my Rising Star award at a non-DCCCD school?
-No, you many not transfer the Rising Star Award to another individual or college/university outside of DCCCD.
* Do I have to re-apply for Rising Star every year?
-No, once you have been approved there is no need to re-apply.
* If my financial aid paid for my classes and books, can I use my RS for something else?
-No, RS funds are to be used specifically for tuition and books only- students do not have direct access to RS funds.
* What happens to the RS money that I don't use?
- It "expires" after your three year term limit
* Can I take classes here and at a university?
- Yes, however RS funds will not transmit and you will no longer be eligible to use RS funds.

Where can the Rising Star (RS) award be used?
How Does A Student Qualify for Rising Star?
* Graduate from an eligible Dallas County public high school, approved charter school or Dallas CAN! Academy.

* Meet one of the following academic requirements:
- Graduate in the top 40% of your their class
- Graduate with a "B" average (80 on better on a 100 point scale)
- Pass the required skills assessment exam (TSI) or be TSI exempt

* Meet income and household size guidelines for financial assistance:
3. Complete a FAFSA application
- Online: U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents
- Paper: Non- Citizens or Deferred Action Students (DACA)
* Submit parent and student tax transcripts (if applicable)
**PROOF OF SELECTIVE SERVICE for male students**
4. Submit a current official high school transcript to Mrs. Lorena. (a final official high school transcript will be needed in order to confirm graduation date)

Rising Star Timeline
Feb 1st
- Rising Star application becomes available online
July 1st
- Rising Star application deadline
Late July/Early August
- Rising Star approvals begin
* Students will receive an approval e-mail from Mrs. Lorena
* Once the student has received their approval e-mail, they must attend a MANDATORY Rising Star Orientation in order to formally accept their Rising Star Award. The student will be coded "RS" by Mrs. Lorena once they sign their Rising Star contract (XSTM)
Mid February/Late June
- Heavy recruitment period
* The Rising Star approval cap has been removed as of today*
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