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Nuclear Power

No description

cykore freeman

on 5 May 2017

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Transcript of Nuclear Power

Cykore freeman
Physical Science
Nuclear Power
1 in 5 households and businesses in the U.S. receive their electricity from nuclear energy.
Modern nuclear plants can produce electricity for just four cents per kilowatt hour including capital construction costs, a good competitor compared to solar energy’s 16 cents per kilowatt hour and coal’s 9 cents/kWh.
13% of the world's electricity comes from nuclear power plants that emit little to no greenhouse gases. The U.S. saves $12 billion dollars each year for energy costs because of nuclear power. Nuclear power plants actually emit fewer radioactive materials into the environment than a traditional coal-burning plant
It is estimated that nuclear facilities have saved 1.84 million lives since their inception by preventing the release of countless amounts of harmful pollutants/emissions.
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