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captain under pants:The atackof the talking toilets

No description

audrey mccain

on 4 March 2016

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Transcript of captain under pants:The atackof the talking toilets

Captain Under Pants: Attack of the talking tiolets):
MR.Krupp,george,Harold,the teachres,and the talking tiolets
George & Harold:the most badest kids in there elementery school(in my opinion).
Dav Pickley
Mr.Krupp:A very nice person(just doesn't know it),Really hates George & Harold,
I think that he wished that he wished they never came to school.

The setting's are:
The class room & the school.
MY SUMMARY:so in this book Goerge and harold were not realy playing tricks on every one latley-well theydid play one trick whitch got them them suspended ecuase there was a comptision and
goerge and harold were not allowed to join so they dicided to mess around with the students presataision and thats how they started truoble becuse they coped a picture which was a talking toilets
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