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Light Pollution

No description

Ana Rodrigues

on 31 May 2017

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Transcript of Light Pollution

Light Pollution
The poor lighting is a waste of energy, since a greater amount of light for street lighting is needed since most is dispersed into the atmosphere. The horizontal projection and the clouds block starlight, reducing a large percentage of the observable stars in the sky. The atmospheric dust scatters light and creates a night halo around big cities. Besides the economic and scientific aspect, light pollution affects the biological system of the human being.
How to avoid it?
To prevent light from being emitted to places where it will not be useful, the illumination should occur downwards
Examples of poor lighting
We wrote a letter to the Mayor of Torres Novas:
Dive in the Sky Light Pollution Map
We started our project by taking some photos of the lamps in Torres Novas. Afterwards, we transferred those photos on a map (http://goo.gl/xTZPhX)
What is it?
Light pollution is the effect produced by external light misdirected, which is directed upwards, or sideways, instead of illuminating only the desired areas. Much of this pollution is produced in large cities.
Examples of good lighting
We decided to only present and analyze the lamps of the brand "Schréder " . For more information, please visit the link below:
After developing the map and elaborating the letter, we observed the night sky, in which we saw the mountains of the moon, constellations, star clusters...
We got together every Friday at school, to plan our project.
Furthermore, we had a talk with the Mayor of Torres Novas, where explained promptly what light pollution is and asked him to make an effort in dwindling light pollution.


We also made a short video that talks about light pollution.
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