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Solutions to the Glass Ceiling Effect

No description

Lizette Ortiz

on 11 May 2012

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Transcript of Solutions to the Glass Ceiling Effect

Glass Ceiling Solutions There are a variety of forms to reduce the Glass Ceiling in the workplace.
Women can reduce it by avoiding customs or stereotypes caused by the glass ceiling.
Women can also help themselves by believing in themselves and trying their best to overachieve.
Workplaces can also help reduce the glass effect through programs aimed to help women. Solutions for Women Seek demanding assignments
Progress will never be accomplished without upgrading the difficulty or work assignments.
Having the capability to fulfill difficult tasks will lead to better promotions.
Be good negotiators
Many companies revolve around negotiations with other people or companies, therefore being a good negotiator will lead to better opportunities.
Solutions to the
Glass Ceiling Effect Solutions for Women Workplace/Environment
Women can research different workplaces and find the one that best suits her needs.
Many workplaces consist of employees in which women are the majority.
As described by Hanson (2009), “an ambitious woman might well decided that her leadership opportunities are stronger in certain companies, or in education, the nonprofit sector, or government jobs” (pg. 749). Solutions for Women Learn to network
Without the ability to network with the public, progress will never be accomplished, leading to leadership failure.
Communication is vital to a successful life or career. Miscommunication will only lead to misunderstandings. Solutions for Women Be effective in public relations, self-presentation, and media management.
Women seeking leadership roles will need to excel in these skills. “Effectiveness in these areas is becoming a priority for leadership in any field” (Hansen, 2009).
Women can additionally rid of the Glass Ceiling by being aware of gender discrimination in work practices and cultural norms caused by the G.C. (Melymuka, 2000). Solutions for the Workplace
(Eyring & Stead, 1998) Implement programs aimed to help women.
Some of the most successful programs or initiatives are as follows:
Providing training programs or education.
Hiring/Affirmative action programs.
Sucession planning/High-potential identification.
Task forces/Special committees.
Mentoring/Networking programs. References Eyring, Alison & Stead, Bette A. “Shattering the Glass Ceiling: Some Successful Corporate Practices.” Journal of Business Ethics 17(3) (1998): 245-251. Web. 09 May 2012.

Hansen, Susan, B. “Cracks in the Glass Ceiling?” Sex Roles 60 (2009): 748-750. Web. 09 May 2012.

Melymuka, Kathleen. “Glass Ceilings & Clear Solutions.” Computerworld 34(22) (2000): 53. Web. 09 May 2012.
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