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Let's reduce greenhouse gases!!!

How we can reduce greenhouse gases.

Paul Nestorowich

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of Let's reduce greenhouse gases!!!

Let's reduce greenhouse gases!!!! REUSE Minimize the amount of activities that release greenhouse gases HoW?!! Activities that release greenhouse gases into our atmosphere increase the danger of global warming which is not good for any living thing on planet Earth. Reduce our daily use of motorized transportation Lessen the amount of non-renewable fuels that are released into the atmosphere by walking to places that aren't far away by riding a bike to places that are a little farther by carpooling instead of
using one car for each
person by using wind turbines to create electricity by using Biofuels to power our cars by using solar panels to heat our homes Be green in your yard by using a push mower to
cut your grass by using clippers to cut hedges by composting your yard clippings Reduce electricity use in our homes by using ENERGY STAR
qualified products by cleaning air filters on air
conditioners and furnaces by replacing conventional
light bulbs with compact
fluorescent ones Use water efficiently by turning the water off while
shaving or brushing teeth by using a high efficiency
washing machine
and dishwasher by fixing leaky faucets REDUCE RECYCLE
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