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The Pearl by John Steinbeck

Presentation for English Literature

Hera Manalo

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of The Pearl by John Steinbeck

The Pearl
John Steinbeck John Steinbeck Background Salinas, California February 27, 1902 Stanford University JOBS Full-time WRITER Special About the author... December 20, 1968 Nobel Prize for Literature - 1962 Renowned Works SUMMARY of the story Kino and Juana were living a peaceful and simple life in a small barrio near the sea with there little baby, Coyotito. It was early morning just after dawn when kino woke up. The morning seemed to be peaceful until a tragic accident happened. A scorpion bit the little baby, Coyotito. Kino and Juana hurriedly went to town to have Coyotito healed by the doctor. Sadly since Kino was just a poor native they don't have the money to pay the doctor. The town doctor refused to treat Coyotito. After being rejected, Kino immediately dived into the sea to search for pearls. For the mean time, Juana put some remedial medicine in Coyotito's injury. Their prayer was answered, when Kino got a huge pearl. He opened the oysters one by one and he opened the big one, at last he saw a Pearl on it and he was so amazed for it is as big as a seagull's egg. It is like a perfect moon. Many people knew that Kino got a pearl. Kino saw their future in the pearl.The doctor went to their house and said that he knows how to cure the poison that the scorpion had stung to poor Coyotito. The doctor gave a medicine to Coyotito. The doctor told that he will return after an hour and when he returned the neighbors gave a few food to him. The doctor cured coyotito, he put 3 drops of ammonia on the mouth of coyotito. Kino told to the doctor that he will pay tomorrow after he had sold the pearl. When they will going to sleep they heard something strange. Kino saw something so he immediately got his knife. He sprung like a cat, he leaped, stroked and spit. His head crashed and he felt the blood running down from his forehead. Juana fired the fireplace stone. She told him that he must throw the pearl beacause for her the pearl is like a sin, but Kino didn't want for he already have a plan that will secure Coyotito's future. The next morning Kino was going to sell the pearl. He found a dealer and the dealer told that he will buy it for only 1000 pesos. Kino did not agree for he said that the price is not worth the pearl. The dealer called his boy and demanded to have 3 more people to come to Kino. The 3 people came and looked at the pearl of kino, they all gave a low price in exchange for it. kino did not agree with them and he left. Juan Tomas and Kino talked to each other. At night someone attacked kino. Juana said again to his husband, kino, that the pearl is evil, but he doesn't want to bring it back to the water. Juana took the pearl to throw it back to where it come from, but kino knew the plan of his wife so he got mad. Kino killed a man that he doesn't know for that man seem to be threatening his family. Their house was burned so they went to the house of Juan Tomas. They decided to leave their place for too much things are happening to them. They left the place and hid everywhere but there are lots trackers who are searching for them. After a long hide and seek with the trackers coyotito got killed. After the tragic event Kino and Juana returned to their place. THE END
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