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Edgar Degas

No description

Anna Claire Carwile

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of Edgar Degas

Degas Artwork
Other Art
Also painted horses
Ballet Rehearsal
Dancer of Fourteen Years
Artistic Style
Degas is often identified as an Impressionist
He had his own distinct style
He was also a collector of Japanese prints
Famous for painting horses and dancers
He also painted historical paintings
In his early career he painted portraits of individuals
Early Life
Born in Paris, France
Oldest of 5 children
Family was moderately wealthy
Began his schooling at age 11
Started to paint at an early age
At 18 he turned a room in his house into an artist's studio
Edgar Degas
Artistic Career
In the early 1860's Degas was visiting a childhood friend, there he made his first studies of horses
Even though he exhibited annually in the Salon during the the next 5 years, he submitted no more history paintings
His painting The Fallen Jockey signaled his growing commitment to contemporary subject matter
During rifle training his eyesight was found to be detective, and for the rest of his life his eye problems were a constant worry to him
His father died the year he came back to Paris
His work was admired for its draftsmanship
Critics said some of his paintings were "appalling ugliness" while others saw it as "blossoming"
Was recognized as an important artist by the end of his life, Degas is now considered " one of the founders of impressionism"
His art work served to finally tie him to finally tie him to the Impressionist movement as one of its greatest early artists
Even though he had no formal pupils, he greatly influenced several important painters
Very famous for painting ballerinas
born on June 19, 1834
died on September 27, 1917
Degas also sculpted
Brought to You by: Anna Claire
Ballerina with a Bouquet
Nicknamed "Star of the Ballet"
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