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Logical fallacies in Media and Advertisement

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Cindy Osei

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Logical fallacies in Media and Advertisement

By: Cindy Osei
Logical Fallacies in Media
Today, Logical Fallacies are seen throughout
all forms of media. The media is a great example of
how logical fallacies can manipulate and create false consciousness amongst its audience.
Advertisements in particular are a form of media that fulfills many purpose such as sharing information and promoting different markets. However, Advertisements contains
countless logical fallacies that can manipulate the viewer and
detract him/her from the actual truth/message if
caution is not taken.

Everyone is doing it.
You should do it too!
The problem is that with all the issues in the world, only select issues are brought up. But when media brings it up, everybody knows about it. People have the tendency to jump on bandwagons, rather do things out of one’s own incentive.
Logical Fallacies are defects that
weaken arguments. Fallacies are
quite common and can be very
persuasive (at least to the casual
reader or listener).
It is another "cause of the moment" which is in the news simply because it is popular among social media users.
Joseph Kony takes innocent children away from their homes and makes them join his army for over 26 years and yet no one has noticed. He forces them to kill others and become sex slaves. Invisible Children have come up with a way to stop him, and that is to make him famous.
They use statistics to back up the claim with numbers.
Since 99 billion are served, you should eat at McDonalds.
All of the neighbors have put up such beautiful Christmas lights this year; let's decorate our lawn this weekend.
What are logical fallacies?
This presentation will be a critical analysis of the negative effects that logical fallacies have on critical thinking process through advertisement.

Explore the knowledge question:
To what extent do logical fallacies in advertisements create false consciousness and manipulation ?
Explain fallacies and how they affect the processes of knowledge construction
Identify all the ways of knowing (WOKs) that are affected
Identify personal connection to Media samples
Real-Life Situation
First real life situation
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