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Hi Lee

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Thailand

Exploring Thailand
the Thai Culture Thai Lakorns Entertaining
Fun to watch
Lesson learned
Drama Sightseeing and Landmarks There are many sight-
seeing places in Thailand.Thailand has many beautiful and fun sightseeing places to visit. Interesting
Religious Khon Drama Creative
Unique Wedding Interesting
Time consuming Traditional Thai
and Daily Clothing Traditional Thai clothing are not worn daily but are worn only for special events. Traditional Thai clothing are very fancy. On a regular day, Thai people wear clothing just like we do in the US. Eat Breakfast Sometimes
pray before bed Sleep Miscellaneous
(TV, games) Eat Come home after
a long day at school Go to school Sometimes pray before going to
school Wake up early in the morning An Average Day for a Thai Kid A Taste of A Thai Song (Lullaby) Animals & the Elephant In Thailand, the elephant is important. The dominant
religion in Thailand is Buddhism and the elephant has a big religious meaning in Buddhism. Also, the elephant is a very smart animal, in Thailand, it is used to help clear out forests so there can be trade routes. If the elephant is well trained, it can be used as transportation and can also be used for touring. Snake
Elephant The Elephant Houses in Thailand There are wooden structure houses raised on posts. Houses on posts offers protection from dirt, hostile wildlife, thieves, and most importantly from the monsoon floods that affects many houses all throughout Thailand. A house in Thailand differs regionally
and also differs depending on the price
of the house. There are also houses that are a bit similar to houses in the US but with a twist of Thai architecture to it. There are also modern houses in Thailand. Culture Railey Beach Similan Island in the western Andaman Sea Ko Phi Phi Island Laws and Rules The laws and rules in Thailand are simply
like the laws and rules in the US.
The laws and rules mostly come from their
religious beliefs. Buddhism is the main religion
in Thailand so there are rules that go against
the Buddhism beliefs, such as, you can only
have one wife but you can have a mistress.
Your mistress is also considered your wife
but is not legally your wife. www.wiki.answers.com
www.expatfocus.com Leisure Popular leisure activities in Thailand are watching sports and going to the cinema to watch Thai made films and foreign films. In the younger generation nowadays, they prefer their night life. Bibliography Education Rankling Thailand came in 57th place for education in the world on Newsweek magazine’s ‘The World’s Best Countries’ list. Wat pho is seen as the first public education center. It is also noted as the first university in Thailand.
Lumpini Park is the most beautiful park in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok.
The Royal Barge National Museum holds one of the most spectacular events. Landmarks North North East East
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