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Teaching Diversity Through Art

No description

Nicole DiMichele

on 20 April 2013

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Transcript of Teaching Diversity Through Art

My Experience Working At Donley Elementary Teaching Diversity Through Art Getting Started The End Result It became very clear from the start that my class was a creative bunch. After the first week, I knew that my project had to involve art. Spending more time in the classroom, I also became increasingly more aware of how diverse my students were. In order to introduce the topic of diversity to my students, I had them paint self-portraits, emphasizing to paint how THEY saw themselves (not necessarily what they looked like in the mirror). My goal with this first project was for my students to begin to think about how they were different from the rest of their classmates. Project #1: What Makes You Different? After making students more aware of their physical differences, I wanted the second project to focus on what made them different from one another on the inside. In order to accomplish this, I read students the children's book called The Name Jar. Students were then given the opportunity to design their own name stamp and reflect on how their differences made them unique in a positive way. Project #2: What Makes You Unique? For the third and final project, my students and I created a rainbow made out of hand prints together to hang up in the classroom. I wanted my third graders to see that, even though we are all unique and different, we can create a beautiful piece of art when we work together. Project # 3: How Can We Work Together? Lots of happy, smiling faces, more aware of their own differences, what makes those differences special, and how we can use our individual differences to create new things together! So I decided to combine
DIVERSITY AND ART And respond to the need I that I saw. Paint.
Paint. ...And more Paint.
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