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No description

Johanna Steger

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of HANDBALL

The handball field
40 meters long
20 meters wide
6-meter line
7-meter line
9-meter line
The goal
The goal is:
two meters high
three meters wide
in the floor anchor
with two different colors paint
7 meter
2 minutes
Goalkeeper from Germany,
Silvio Heinevetter
seven fixed positiones:
goalkeeper (TW)
centre (RM)
left/right backs (RL/RR)
left/right wingers (LA/RA)
circle runner (KM)
Handball international
1906: the first handball rules
29. October 1917: birthday of handball
1928: the first counries-play
1980-es: became olympic
In a normal handballgame you play two times about 30 minutes.
After 30 minutes is a break about 10 minutes.
Every trainer can take a "Team Time Out".
This is a break of the game for one minute.
the scorekeeper
the timekeeper
two refeeres
The rules
three steps
hold the ball for three seconds
bounce the ball so long as you want
You can`t bounce the ball, when you bounced it befor you hold it.

The Punishments
You can also make fouls. When it is a little foul the other team get the ball. But when it is a bigger one are also punishments:
yellow card
red card
7m penalty
2 minutes suspension
I tell you now something about my favorite sport.
Thank you for your attention.
In Europe, Asia, South America and North Africa play the people handball.
The best national handball league is in Germany.
Now are the best teams:
THW Kiel
Rhein Neckar Löwen
HSV Handball
Füchse Berlin
Vadar Skopje
Real Madrid
and so on.
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