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digestive board game

No description

Roy Ladines

on 15 November 2015

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Transcript of digestive board game

DO or DIE - gest!
This bored game.. Board Game I mean, would challenge every PLAYER on how they would make it through the journey inside human's DIGESTIVE TRACT. Be prepared on the obstacles that you'll encounter or else be lost forever inside!!!
Just roll the dice and follow the instructions carefully, you'll do good, you're a NURSE! Duh?! I am sending you now on the starting point, the mouth, and the finish line awaits on the anus of course! Obviously!
Let's keep the ball rolling and see who will DO pass the anus first and who will be DIE-gested forever!
You didn't chew your food well; go back to start
You experience
loose 1 turn
Heartburn! Go back to no. 6
You handled foods not so good; go 5 steps backward
Go to number
Absorbing water; go to no. 16
Nutrients are being absorbed; 2 steps forward
Ba enema shows IBD; loose 1 turn
Rhythmic peristaltiv mov't; advance to no. 22
IBD causing diarrhea, go back to no.16
Fecal impaction noted; loose 1 turn and choose your diet!
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